The Many Amazing Benefits of Drinking Purple Corn Juice

Some of the most nutritionally dense foods on the planet are those that posses bright and eye-catching colors. Nothing can be truer for purple corn juice as it is packed with anthocyanins — plant pigments that cause purple coloration as well as offers so many impressive health benefits.

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Purple corn juice is gaining lots of attention these days, winning the interest and respect of more and more health-conscious individuals. It is said that corn used to be purple in the beginning of time but may have gradually changed its color the more it got exposed to pollutants. However, corn raised atop the highest mountains in Peru was able to retain its very regal purple color — and it’s the kind that will amaze especially when turned into juice.

Continue reading to know some of the health benefits known to be offered by purple corn juice.

It Helps You Shed Off Excess Pounds

Most weight loss supplements on today’s market contain unsafe ingredients. Many of them also cause unfavorable side effects such as palpitation, high blood pressure, headaches and insomnia. Drinking purple corn juice may help you get rid of unwanted pounds especially if you pair it with regular exercise and healthy eating. Antioxidants in the product keep fat from being oxidized, saving you from gaining unwanted weight.

Purple Corn Juice Helps Prevent Diabetes

It is said by proponents that the regular consumption of purple corn juice is beneficial for people with diabetes or those who are at high risk of developing the condition. That’s because the product is known to help the pancreas produce normal amounts of insulin, a hormone that helps the muscles use glucose in the blood. As mentioned above, purple corn juice also helps you lose weight, thus reducing your risk of developing diabetes.

Drinking It Helps Manage Hypertension

High blood pressure or hypertension can be very damaging to the arteries as well as the heart. In this day and age where fatty, salty and sugary foods and beverages come abundantly, high blood pressure is a deadly problem being faced by many. Drinking purple corn juice on a regular basis may help in dealing with hypertension. Anthocyanins in the product helps keep fat molecules from oxidizing and clogging up the arteries.

It Prevents Chronic Inflammation

Inflammation is actually the body’s way of fighting off invading microorganisms. However, it’s not always a good thing because there are times when inflammation takes place within for no apparent reason. Chronic inflammation can wreak havoc to the heart, joints, kidneys, immune system and many others. Drinking purple corn juice, according to the product’s proponents, may help ward off chronic inflammation.

Purple Corn Juice May Help Prevent Cancer

Thanks to the loads of antioxidants it contains, purple corn juice helps limit free radical activity which may cause cancer. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals by supplying them with electrons, thus keeping them from robbing the electrons of healthy body cells and leaving them at risk of mutating into cancer cells. Purple corn juice is also said to help prevent cancer cells from growing and multiplying.

Consuming Purple Corn Juice is Good for the Heart

As earlier discussed, the wonderfully colored juice is very good at controlling high blood pressure which helps keep the heart out of harm’s way. Purple corn juice also helps keep the heart and the rest of the circulatory system in tip-top shape by maintaining the elasticity of the blood vessels. This only means less clogging up of the arteries as well as reduced risk of blood clots that may lead to heart attack and stroke.

It Helps Slow Down the Process of Aging

You may apply several expensive products on your skin to delay the appearance of various aging signs, or you may simply regularly drink a delightfully tasting juice. Purple corn juice is said to help delay the process of aging in various approaches. First, it helps in the production of collagen, a structural protein that makes the skin soft and supple. Second, it keeps the cells from being damaged by free radicals.

Purple Corn Juice May Help Cure Dengue

Because purple corn juice contains lots of vitamins C and E, the immune system of someone with dengue fever may be strengthened so that it may fight off the disease effectively. Proponents say that the types of vitamins C and E in the juice are more potent than those coming from other natural sources.

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