The Surprising Reason You Have Wrinkles (Hint: It’s NOT The Sun)

The two main culprits in sagging and wrinkled skin are excessive sun exposure and aging. Besides these two there is another surprising reason for wrinkles, Glycation.

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What is Glycation?

Glycation is part of the natural aging process. Do not worry; you can avoid getting sagging and wrinkled skin during this process. There is a lot of people that come out of Glycation with minimal sagging and wrinkles.


How do they do it?

Glycation is the chemical reaction of the body, this happens when sugars attach to proteins. The body contains tons of sugar and protein naturally. This continual flow of glucose and protein is called Advance Glycation End Products or more simply out AGES.


The sun damages the skin, but the glucose cycling through our body can also cause harm.

Our body needs glucose to produce energy, but excess glucose can cause health and skin damage. Glycation is basically the caramelizing of bodily tissue.


People with diabetes need to monitor their sugar level regularly. They are prone to age related disorder. Diabetes sufferers are prone to having pigmented, dry and wrinkled skin way beyond their age.

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Advance Glycation End Products not only affects the skin, but it also affects other organs in the body, such as the heart, eyes and kidney. AGES can alter the excess sugar and make the arteries stiffen and harden. The excess sugar that travels through the artery changes the tissues and change its shape and texture. We don’ want our arteries to harden, a flexible heart is important to proper blood flow and circulation. The molecules of fat and protein remain as a constant structure; a minor structural change can happen during glycation. When the structure of these molecules changes; these proteins and fat are deemed useless.


Causes of AGES

–      Excess carbohydrates

–      Excess Sugar

–      High Temperature cooking. Foods that are fried at high temperature or is blackened

–      Lack of supplements that help stop glycation and oxidized cells

–      Lack of antioxidants.


Prevent AGES by limiting sugar intake and eating more antioxidant rich food such as vegetables and fruits. Exercising will also help increase blood flow and help break down sugar in the system. Keep your face wrinkle free by having a healthy lifestyle and avoid UV damage.


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