Tips to Have Perfect Eyebrow

Since they frame your face, brows need a lot of TLC. Here are a few easy ways to keep your brows looking great between salon visits.

1. Start with a good pair of tweezers

The right tools make all the difference. Be sure you’re using a good pair of tweezers. If you’re like me and your hair is baby fine, you’ll need extra sharp, tight tweezers to catch those wiley brows. A good set of tweezers doesn’t have to break the bank, but you should be able to get a solid set for approximately $8 or so.

2. Trim before tweezing

Before you get tweez happy, using your eyebrow brush, brush brows up and trim the very ends of long brows with brow scissors. Repeat, this time brushing brows down. This allows you to see exactly what you need to shape and helps prevent over plucking.

3. Pluck immediately after showering

Not an old wive’s tale. After showering, folicles and hairs are softened so plucking is easier (less painful, too).

4. Kiss the magnifying mirror good-bye

If your goal is to overpluck, using a magnifying mirror is the best way to make sure you do just that. No one’s going to be following you around with a magnifying glass to make sure you got every last little stray, so relax and use the regular mirror. Your brows will thank you.

5. Find the perfect eyebrow shape for your faceshape

Not everyone can pull off the Brook Shields brows. Know what shape will work best for your faceshape. This is a great site to help you figure out what shape will work best.

6. Fill in the blanks

Even if you have thick, luscious brows, you’ll want to fill in your brows with a pencil, gell, powder, whatever suits your fancy, a shade lighter than your brow color.

7. Brush up

Finish your brow routine by brushing your brows upwards along the arch. Small little trick that makes a world of difference.

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