Top 10 Home Remedy for Sunburn

Nothing is worse than going home from a vacation with sunburn as a memoir. Home remedies can be used in case of these situations. Below is a list of the most common remedies for sunburn.

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1. Prevention is the best remedy. Keep sunblock with you all the time. Pick clothes that protect you from the sun’s vicious rays. As much as possible, avoid getting exposed from the sunlight.

2. With cucumber’s analgesic properties and antioxidant qualities, it can be applied to the affected areas by mashing them in a blender and making a paste. It works on the face, too.

3. Tea can also be used to apply on the skin. Use a clean cloth and apply the cooled down tea on the affected areas. Tannic acid is good at drawing the heat from the burns while restoring the balance of the pH levels on the skin.

4. Vitamin E oil on the skin helps in decreasing the inflammation. Vitamin EE is a good antioxidant.

5. Cool milk (not cold) is also used to treat sunburns. The film of protein that the milk will create is good at easing the skin from the discomforts brought by the sunburn.

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6. Ibuprofen and other over-the-counter pain relievers are a great option for getting relief from the inflammation and the pain.

7. To relieve the pain caused by sunburn, swelling, and itch, a topical cream with 1 percent hydrocortisone will be of great help.

8. Add a cup of apple cider vinegar to the water you will use for your bath. This will cause a balance in the pH level of the skin. As a result, faster healing is possible. Another option is an oatmeal bath. This is helpful for the itchiness caused by the sunburned skin.

9. Lotions work great, too. They help in soothing the skin as well as giving it the much-needed moisture. Lidocaine is contained in some products that help relieve the discomfort from sunburn.

10. A cool compress on the skin works great as a primary relief.

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