Discover the Best Fruit Oils You Can Try for Skin Care

Fruits are delicious and healthy, most fruits produce oil that can be used for various purposes. Most fruit oils are beneficial to the skin. It can be applied topically or in aromatherapy to enhance skin health.

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Here are the best fruit oils you can try for a healthier and smoother skin:

Peach Oil

 Rich in linoleic acid and oleic acid that helps keep the skin firm and moisturize.
 Rich in anti-aging contents such as antioxidants.
 Great for rejuvenating tired and dry skin.
 Can be used safely for facial massages.
 Used in cosmetics, shampoos, creams and soap.
 Can be used as a natural lip balm and makeup remover.

Almond Oil
 Used in traditional massage for lubrication, great for moisturizing the skin.
 Can rejuvenate the skin and penetrate to the inner layers of the skin.
 Makes hair stronger when applied on the scalp and hair.
 Can be used to hold down flyaway hair.

Olive Oil
 Great for moisturizing the skin and locking in moisture.
 Use as a soothing aftershave to prevent ingrown hair.
 Use on chapped or cracked lips. Create your own balm with equal portions of beeswax and olive oil. This mixture can also be used as a hair mask.
 Apply on the nail cuticles to soften the skin around the nails.

Avocado Oil
 Used in cosmetics for its moisturizing and rejuvenating properties.
 Rich in vitamin E and anti-aging properties.
 Can prevent fine lines and wrinkles.
 Widely used in hair products, eye creams, lotion and hand creams.

Apricot Oil
 Widely used in baby products to prevent irritation on the skin and keep it moisturized.
 Can be used on the scalp to remove dandruff.

Grape Seed Oil
 Is great for repairing cells in the skin and retaining moisture.
 Can be used in aromatherapy for a moisturize skin.
 Use as a natural shaving cream.

Coconut Oil
 Edible oil that can be used to strengthen damage hair.
 Apply on the skin to lock in moisture.
 A tablespoon of coconut oil a day can help keep the skin healthy and lower cholesterol.

Fruit oils can be used for massages or for exfoliation. Using these types of oil can help prevent premature aging, inhibit pigmentation and keep the skin moisturize.

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