Top 3 Popular Condiments That Can Ruin Your Health and Figure

All sorts of foods can become more palatable with the simple addition of condiments. Using them can either enhance their tastes or impart added flavors to completely please the taste buds.

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Many of the condiments you love, sad to say, do more than just make dishes and snacks appetizing. A lot of them can impact your health as well as figure negatively, courtesy of some of their ingredients that make them so irresistible during mealtimes. Opt for them and you may end up with high blood pressure, heart disease, excess poundage and others.

Fortunately, not all condiments on the current market are the same because there are actually those that are good for you as they rely on nothing but healthy ingredients — herbs, spices and vegetable oils. Opting for them can save you from all the negative effects of their awful counterparts while allowing you to love the treats in front of you even more.

This particular article tackles 3 of the worst condiments on the planet you should stay away from. Knowing all of them is very important whether you want to attain optimal health or shed off excess weight, or both. Read on!

Number 1: Ketchup

Don’t let that “tomato” on the label fool you. While it’s true that your favorite red condiment actually contains tomato which is packed with vitamins A and C and the powerful cancer-fighting antioxidant called lycopene, the fact remains that ketchup is loaded with sugar and sodium.

If you’re trying to lose unwanted pounds, slathering ketchup on your food is a bad, bad idea. Its high sugar content can keep you from turning your dream figure into a reality. Also, it’s common knowledge that sugar is bad for your teeth, skin and liver. It’s also linked to diabetes and even deadly cancer!

Definitely, high-sodium ketchup can wreak havoc to your health because it can cause high blood pressure. Sodium pulls water into your blood stream, and this is what causes your blood pressure to spike. As you may already know, high blood pressure is a risk factor for heart disease.

Number 2: Mayo

Sandwiches, salads and various vegetable dishes undeniably taste better with mayonnaise. There is definitely no issue whatsoever with the flavor-enhancing capability of this widely-popular condiment. The problem with mayonnaise is this: it is packed with saturated fats that can make your waistline expand and your arteries clogged up!

Another bad thing about mayonnaise is it contains soybean oil. You may think that soybean oil is healthy because it’s from soybeans. The fact is soybean oil is heavily processed that it can actually leave a dent on your health on a cellular level. Also, much of today’s mayo varieties are loaded with sugar too.

Your best bet is to opt for low-fat mayonnaise if you want to keep your belly trimmed and your arteries clog-free. It’s also a great idea to opt for olive oil-based mayo to take advantage of the good stuff, such as antioxidants, in the healthy oil.

Number 3: Steak and BBQ Sauce

No slab of meat or skewered chunks of meat would taste complete without steak or BBQ sauce. While making your various high-protein treats taste so good, however, this condiment also damages your health and figure big time.

Steak or BBQ sauce contains lots of sugar — hence it is capable of adding lots of sweetness to your broiled, fried or grilled meat. Then this condiment is also loaded with sodium. As earlier mentioned, the intake of too much sodium can raise your blood pressure, something which can considerably increase your risk of suffering from heart disease.

When shopping, you might think that opting for a low-carb version is a fantastic idea. Well, you might want to think again. To give your favorite steak of BBQ sauce its characteristic sweet taste, its manufacturer adds artificial sweetener which is undeniably bad for your health, according to the experts.

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