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Why You Should Eat Avocado Seeds

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It’s no secret that an avocado is loaded with health-giving vitamins, minerals and plant-based compounds that have superb antioxidant properties. However, did you know that much of the fruit’s potency is actually not in the creamy yellow-green flesh but locked within the humungous seed that you throw away?

Avocado seeds in the form of extracts and powders have been used for so many centuries by traditional healers in dealing with an assortment of health problems, from viral infections to high blood pressure. Even if you don’t have an ailment you wish to cure the all-natural way, it is perfectly fine to harness the therapeutic and health-optimizing properties of avocado seeds. The best thing about this is it comes right after having a tasty and nutritious guacamole, spread, dip or smoothie.

Why You Should Eat Avocado Seeds

Within the seed are antioxidants that keep fat cells from being oxidized and accumulating within the arteries, as well as help protect the cells from being damaged by free radicals. Everyone knows that those harmful free radicals are some of the culprits behind chronic inflammation, a systemic condition that may cause obesity, diabetes, skin diseases and even cancer.

In certain parts of the planet, avocado seeds are being used to treat various problems with the gastrointestinal (GI) tract like dysentery and ulcers, such as in South America. Traditional healers from other countries use them as treatment for infections caused by bacteria and viruses. At times they are also being employed for dealing with fungal infections.

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Avocado seeds are valued for their efficacy at dealing with a host of problems that have something to do with the heart and the rest of the circulatory system. As earlier mentioned, they may be used in lowering bad cholesterol (LDL or low-density lipoprotein) as they prevent the oxidation of fat cells in the intestinal tract. Avocado seeds also help prevent the deposition of plaque on the arterial walls, keeping the arteries from being clogged up and the blood pressure from being increased.

Using them together with the consumption of the avocado fruit itself is a wonderful idea as avocados contain oleic acid that helps increase good cholesterol (HDL or high-density lipoprotein), which in turn brings down the levels of bad cholesterol.

The next time you eat avocados or whip up something in the kitchen that involves the use of these tropical fruits, think twice before you throw away the seeds. It is a good idea to turn them into powder so you may add them to your smoothies to boost their nutritional profile. Allow the seeds to dry in the sun for a few days. Smash them into small pieces with a hammer and throw them in a really powerful food processor or blender to end up with powdered avocado seed.

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