10 Beauty-Boosting Foods For Healthy Hair and Nails

In order to attain overall wellness, we need to follow a proper diet. Aside from becoming healthy inside and out, this will also help maintain healthy hair and nails. Both parts of the body are made of keratin and, to make them as healthy as they can be, we need to enough nutrients from food. Don’t worry about additional cost because most of beauty-boosting foods for your hair and nails are actually already included in your daily diet.

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Whey Protein
Maintaining a healthy hair requires eating enough protein-rich foods. Failing to do so may result to hair loss. But don’t fret because doing so doesn’t require a refrigerator-worth of additional foods to your diet. Simply add a scoop or two of whey protein to your morning smoothie and presto! Instant protein boost for your hair and body. A study revealed that whey protein can also aid in controlling a person’s appetite, so you might want to add it to your weight-loss regimen, too.

Fruits are generally healthy for the body but blueberries are particularly special because they are rich in anti-oxidants that help protect the cells from damage caused by free radicals. The presence of free radicals may result to an increase in the stress hormones as well as inflammation which also affects the cells in the hair and nails.

Red Meat
A good source of protein is red meat. As mentioned earlier, protein is necessary for the body to be able to produce keratin for the hair and nails. But, aside from that, red meat also helps maintain your beautiful mane and nails by providing another necessary nutrient—iron. Lack of iron in the body, says experts, cause a nail disease called koilonychias which is characterized by spoon-shaped nails. People with iron-deficiency anemia also have thinning hair, cause by the insufficient nutrient in the body.

Oh, yes. Your favorite beverage might as well be your hair and nails’ savior when it comes to proper growth. This is because beer contains high levels of silicone necessary for hair and nail growth. According to studies, silicone increases blood circulation in the scalp. However, this does not become an excuse for people to consume large amounts of beer. Experts advise women to limit their consumption to one drink per day while men are allowed to have as much as two drinks.

The perfect way to finish up a delicious dessert—this is how most almond-lovers may describe this nut. But did you know that almonds are also considered beauty-boosting food to achieve healthy hair and nails? Experts revealed that almonds contain high amounts of magnesium which is considered an anti-stress mineral—and we all know that stress can cause hair fall. To top it all off, these nuts are also rich in protein.

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The vitamin D in milk, which is commonly associated with bone health, has also been linked to healthy hair and nails. However, more research needs to be done to prove this theory.

Oysters are rich in zinc which is an essential nutrient for many biological processes such as the production of proteins needed for the hair and nails. But if you are not able—or don’t want to consume oysters every day, you can replace it with beef, poultry and zinc-fortified cereals to fill up your daily zinc needs.

Aside from being rich in omega-3, which aid in reducing inflammation in the skin (including your scalp), salmons also contain biotin and protein.

Eggs contain both protein and Vitamin D which, as mentioned earlier, are both good for your hair and nails. It also contains biotin, a B-complex vitamin known to play a key role in the production of keratin.

Brazil Nuts
Another kind of nut that made the cut is the Brazil nuts because it contains selenium which is necessary for hair growth.

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