10 Natural Home Remedies for Colds

A common cold should not be treated lightly. Other conditions might occur if colds are not treated properly. Here are ten home remedies to treat common cold.

Aroma Therapy Soaks

The antiseptic property of Eucalyptus Essential Oil is usually used in aromatherapy. It loosens all those phlegm that comes with the cold and flu. Pain relief is one of its main benefits making it a great ingredient for baths to relieve flu, cold, and other body aches.

Chicken Soup

Rich in all the amounts of nutrients and vitamins that help in the treatment of common cold, chicken soup is one necessary meal in the family. The carbohydrates taken from the broth and noodles will keep your child’s energy at peak level.


A teaspoon of powdered cinnamon can be boiled in a glass of water mixed with honey and pepper powder. This will help in easing the discomfort caused by dry or sore throat.


Cough is treated with honey because it is good for soothing the irritated throat. It also helps the children to have a better good night’s sleep.


Traditional home remedies for cold is eating ginger and consuming ginger tea. Drink at least two cups of ginger tea a day for the treatment of cold.


For runny nose, adding pepper to the meal will be of great help. Congestion is broken up effectively with due to the capsaicin found in pepper.

Salt Water Gargle

Warm salt water is effective against bacteria in the mouth and throat.


The antiseptic quality of garlic makes it boost the immune system of the body against colds and flu. Allocine in garlic stimulates the white blood cells. Garlics are also capable of flushing out all the toxins in the body’s system, allowing it to be of great help in bringing down a fever.


Drinking a great amount of fluids is the key to the treatment of colds. Green tea and chamomile tea are highly effective in treating a cold. They provide the antioxidants that help eliminate the toxins in the body. They also deal with infections caused by bacteria.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is responsible for the increase in the production of the white blood cells. Vitamin C is now available in the forms of pill but they come in great abundance in many fruits and vegetables.



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