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10 Tips for All Natural Beauty

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Companies in the beauty industry would have you believe that in order to maintain your youthful glow you will need to spend a lot of money to purchase their skin products. Although many have fallen for this, hook, line, and sinker, so to speak, there are still those who are looking for alternative and more natural ways to treat their skin as the chemical components found in numerous skin care products are actually doing more harm than good.

If you want to retain your youthful beauty minus the use of harsh beauty products, you might want to keep these 10 tips in mind.

1. Egg and Banana Hair Treatment. If your hair is looking a bit dull lately, all you need to do is to mash a banana and combine it with one egg and apply to your hair. Leave the paste on your hair for about 10 to 30 minutes then wash afterwards using your regular hair ritual. As you can see it’s simple and fairly easy to do.

2. Exfoliate. A lot of people make the mistake of applying moisturizer regularly without exfoliating which is why they end up with dull looking skin. You need to keep in mind that dead skin cells will accumulate on the surface of your skin unless you exfoliate. The best time to apply moisturizer is after exfoliating.

3. Honey Face Mask. If you want to get soft and smooth skin, creating your own honey face mask is worth it. Raw honey contains anti-bacterial properties and applying it on a regular basis can help bring back your skin’s natural smoothness. Get a tablespoon of raw honey and apply it on your face. Leave it for a few minutes before rinsing using warm water.

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4. Get Rid of Cigarettes and Alcohol. If smoking and drinking are part of your daily ritual then it’s not surprising to find that your skin isn’t in the best of health. Smoking delivers a lot of toxins in your body while alcohol causes your body to dehydrate. Ditching these two vices is the best thing for your skin and your health in the long run.

5. Clarifying Shampoo Made from Apple Cider Vinegar. Commercial shampoos can dry your hair and cause itchy scalp. The best way to minimize the buildup of commercial shampoo mix ¼ cup of apple cider vinegar with water then apply on your hair. Follow this up with your usual conditioner for better looking hair.

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6. Rest. Rest is one of the best beauty tips that you should follow because this is the time when the cells in your body repair themselves. Lack of proper sleep won’t do you or your skin any good. If you can’t rest well or are having difficulty sleeping, try meditation or aromatherapy to help soothe your senses.

7. Skin Brightener and Exfoliation for Elbows and Knees. Dark elbows and knees can be embarrassing but there are ways to make these areas of your body lighter naturally. All that you have to do is to cut an orange into two and rub the oranges on your knees and elbows. Not only does it help soften the skin in these areas but it also leaves that citrusy smell. Just wash afterwards.

8. Groom Eyebrows. Who would have thought that something simple as grooming eyebrows can make a world of difference to your beauty? Grooming your eyebrows to the right shape for your facial features can further enhance your beauty. There are many ways to get this done such as tweezing, threading, and plucking. Choose what’s best for you.

9. Body Scrubs. One of the reasons why your skin appears dull is due to the accumulation of dead skin cells. If you want to reveal smooth and young looking skin, using body scrubs is worth it. You can opt for commercial body scrubs but they may cost a pretty penny. If you want to go natural, try mixing 2 to 1 olive oil as well as sea salt to create an effective scrub. Apply this mixture on your body to help get rid of any dead skin cell and finally reveal that young looking skin you’ve always wanted. Also, this mixture is much cheaper too.

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10. Eat Well. You are what you eat hence eating a combination of lean protein, vegetables, carbohydrates, and fruits is highly recommended. Getting sufficient vitamins and minerals as well as healthy fatty acids will help improve your overall health which will reflect on the glow of your youthful looking skin.

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