5 Incredible Antibiotics That Don’t Need Prescriptions

Ever tried taking antibiotics? Did you even know that these overprescribed medicines actually lower a person’s natural shield from every kind of infection and even ruin one’s digestive system?

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Now, there’s a way to fight infections minus the harmful side effects with these natural antibiotics.

A popular American herb known as Echinacea is one of the most common natural first aid for a wide variety of infections and is also effective to cure open wounds, blood poisoning, diphtheria and other bacteria-caused ailments.
It is also used by many Americans to reduce the duration of flu and common colds as well as to ease symptoms of cough, sore throat and fever. It is also recommended to boost the body’s immune system and fight infections. It is also effective against many dangerous bacteria including the staphylococcus aureus that causes MRSA.

Colloidal Silver
Colloidal silver, a clear golden liquid, is a broad-spectrum antiseptic known to have 99.9 percent pure silver particles.
Centuries worth of use proved the effectiveness of colloidal silver when it comes to fighting bacteria even before today’s antibiotics were invented. Doctors from the years prior to 1938 have used this substance as their main weapon against bacteria and had proven its efficacy numerous times. Aside from that, it is also considered a more natural way to fight bacteria without harming the human kidney and liver.
It also promotes healing and was discovered by Alfred Searle during the 1900s to be an efficient killer of some of the most deadly pathogens. A recent study also shows that colloidal silver have the ability to destroy even antibiotic-resistant viruses such as SARS and MRSA.

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Aside from being a wonderful addition to your sautés, garlic is also a natural antibiotic because of two active components. These include a sulphur-rich amino acid known as allicin as well as an enzyme named allinase.
Garlic also enhances the ability to combat infections of the human body’s immune system composed through strengthening the white blood cells and other immune cells that fight viral and bacterial infections as well as cancer. It also targets free radicals, making it one of the most effective natural antioxidants.

Manuka Honey
This type of honey is deemed the most palatable of all natural antibiotics. It can be applied to the skin surface in order to battle all kinds of pathogens as well as help maintain wounds moist through a protective covering to prevent infection. It also has an immunomodulatory property that also helps repair wounds.

Oregano Oil
Oil extracted from oregano contains carvacrol and thymol, two strong compounds that have natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. It also destroys pathogenic bacteria without causing any harm to the good bacteria in the body.
It also does not encourage antibiotic-resistance while packing a powerful three-in-one combination that is far better that artificially-made pharmaceuticals. Hundreds of studies also proved its healing capacity because of carvacrol which is known to reduce or reverse bacterial infections, parasites, fungal infections, inflammation, allergies, candida and even tumors.

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