Health Benefits of Roman Chamomile

For thousands of years now, roman chamomile is being used for a number of medicinal and beauty purposes. Throughout its course as an all-natural remedy for an impressive variety of health problems known to man, there have been simply numerous preparations concocted out of roman chamomile. These days, the very popular herb which produces beautiful daisy-like blooms is commonly employed in the form tea and essential oil.

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Without any more ado, let’s take a look at some of the perks that you can get from roman chamomile:

Reduced Anxiety and Stress

One of the most popular properties of roman chamomile is its ability to calm both mind and body. It’s exactly for this reason why so many of those who are suffering from anxiety disorder or whose stress levels are high count on the said herb each and every time. People with mild cases of depression may also rely on roman chamomile.

A Good Night’s Sleep

Everyone knows that drinking alcohol or popping a sleeping pill in the mouth is not really the best way to combat insomnia as they can be addicting as well as associated with unwanted side effects. Using roman chamomile essential oil with a diffuser or taking the herb in tea form is proven to be beneficial for those with insomnia.

Natural Relief From Allergies

Whether taken by mouth or applied topically, roman chamomile is known to help in controlling signs and symptoms that are commonly associated with seasonal allergies. In tea form, it can help clear up the upper airways. Employed in oil form, roman chamomile is capable or reducing skin inflammation, redness and itchiness.

Reprieve From PMS Symptoms

Women who regularly face the wrath of PMS may also count on roman chamomile. The herb is known to help alleviate the likes of headaches, backache and abdominal pain. Roman chamomile also helps lift the mood, as well as restore hormonal balance — which means that it can also help deal with pimples and acne that are associated with PMS.

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Improves Skin Health

Speaking of pimples and acne, the internal and topical use of roman chamomile is known to be very good for the skin. For instance, it is said to help relieve the signs and symptoms of eczema and other inflammatory skin problems. Also, roman chamomile may be employed for warding off various skin aging signs.

Elimination of Digestive Issues

The intake of roman chamomile tea is highly effective in relieving indigestion as it helps promote the relaxation of the GI tract. If you are suffering from nausea and vomiting, you may also make yourself a cup of the said beverage. Some people use roman chamomile in easing a distended abdomen, flatulence (excess gas) and diarrhea.

Lowered Risk for Heart Disease

Roman chamomile may help reduce a person’s risk of heart disease because of the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of the herb. Also, since roman chamomile is known to help control stress levels, its regular intake may actually help save the entire cardiovascular system from the ill effects of chronic stress.


Although it seems like roman chamomile is harmless, some people may actually develop adverse reactions to its usage. If you know that you are allergic to the likes of daisies and marigolds — they are members of the Asteraceae family of plants just like roman chamomile — then you should refrain from using it.

Pregnant women are discouraged from using roman chamomile because the herb may increase blood flow to the pelvic region, and this may put their babies in some form of danger. Breastfeeding moms should avoid it, too. Tell your doctor about your plan on using roman chamomile for therapeutic reasons if you have a medical condition.

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