4 Easy Eye MakeOvers

The eyes are the most eye catching part of the face, pun intended. The eyes can make you look awake, sexy, daring and cute with just a little change. A little eyeliner, mascara and eye shadow can make a whole lot of difference to your look.

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Try these 4 easy eye makeovers:

A Pop of Color
Adding a pop of color to your eyes can change your appearance in an instant. No makeup looks require neutral colors or colors that you can find on the face (browns, nude, pink) by adding a pop of color you can change your no makeup look to a dark smoky eye.

• When adding color to the eyes, take note of where you apply the color. Placing color near the lash lines will make your eyes pop. Applying on the whole eyelid creates drama and applying on the crease creates more definition.
• Picking the right color for your eyes is important. Your eye color can help define the color you should pick.
 Green eyes = Purple
 Brown eyes = Gold and Orange
 Blue eyes = Green
• Not much of an eye shadow person? Add a pop of color with your mascara. Blue mascara can create a subtle color and definition.

Flash Your Lashes
One of the best ways to define the eyes is with the lashes. Subtle changes in the lashes can create a softer and gentle. Adding strong or thick false eyelashes can create a more high fashion and dramatic look.

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• Create a natural curl by applying an upward pressure with your eyelashes curler. Place the curler near the base of your lashes and gently curl upward.
• Avoid clumps by using mascara wands and using a swiping motion when applying mascaras.
• Create a simple winged look by applying more mascara on the outer corners of your lashes and swiping it upward and to the outer corner.

Eyeglasses Say Yes
Eyeglasses can make you look more professional or more fun. The right pair of glasses can help make your face smaller or make your face look smaller.

• Finding the right frame for your face is essential. Thick frames can help make the face look smaller and frames that are more rectangular in shape make the face more symmetrical.
• Find the perfect frame for you. People’s faces are different, if normal or pre-made frames are not a perfect fit for your ask for a custom made one.
• Wearing glasses doesn’t mean you can’t wear eye makeup. Lenses actually amplify the color and the heaviness of makeup. So avoid wearing dark shadows and heavy eyeliner.

The Eyebrow Matter
Eyebrows can make or break your look. The right shape and thickness can define the shape of your face and the expression of your face. Avoid plucking your eyebrows without the proper guide.
• Shape your eyebrows the right way. Professionals will be able to determine the perfect brow shape for you. Go to a makeup artist or salon for your eyebrows at least twice a year. Then learn to follow that shape and keep it clean.
• Avoid drawing too much eyebrow, Place your makeup brush or brow pencil on the side of your nose. The straight line it forms with your eyebrow and forward is the extent where your eyebrow should be. Now, slowly angel your brush towards the outer corner of your eye. The extent of your eyebrows should be the tip of the brush or pencil.
• Create natural looking brows by using a mascara wand to soften the drawn eyebrow pencil.

Makeup is an art form, be creative with your look and add a little something to your everyday look. A simple winged eyeliner can create a feeling of power in a woman. An on point brow game can make you feel sexy and strong. Delicate eyelashes can make you feel elegant and sweet. Play up your eyes and feel like a whole different person.

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