5 Natural and Relaxing Alternatives to Bubble Baths

After a tiring week of work a good relaxing bubble bath is part of a great weekend agenda. A glass of your favorite wine, relaxing music and a warm feel good bubble bath, what more can you want? How about getting an extra beautifying treatment with your relaxing bubble bath. Instead of using regular water try this all natural alternatives for extra health benefits.

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5 Natural Alternatives:

Champagne or Red Wine
– Not the most money saving tip, but this natural bath soak is very effective on the skin. This soak can work on any skin type, the antioxidants in champagne and red wine can do wonders on the skin. It gives moisture to the skin and is a natural anti-aging formula. It also has antiseptic properties that remove dirt in the pores. Wine can also reduce discoloration and fine lines. Create this soar by pouring a glass or more of your choice of champagne or red wine in bath water. Soak in it for twenty minutes.

Milk and Honey
– This natural soak has been used since Cleopatra time. The beautiful and amazing Cleopatra has created some of the amazing marvels in the beauty industry like mascara, but she also created one of the most used moisturizing and exfoliating soaks. The combination of milk and honey moisturize, lightens, and exfoliates the skin. Create this soak by pouring 2 cups of milk and a half cup of honey to your warm bath water. Soak in it as long as you want, remove dry skin by brushing your skin in a circular motion.

Herbal Bath Soak
– Create herbal soaks by using herbs that are great for the skin such as chamomile. Brew your choice of herbs and add two cups in your bath water. You can add your choice of essential oil for an extra beauty boost. Using herbs can also leave your skin smelling amazing for days. To add aesthetic and beauty benefits add some rose petals or other flowers in your bath water.

– Soothe sunburnt skin or dry and irritated skin with oatmeal soak. This soak can help remove psoriasis, eczema and sunburn. Create this soak by using a sock or stocking as a large tea bag. Place oatmeal inside stocking or sock and place in warm bath water. Let it soak for a few minutes and squeeze. Soak in the tub to relieve irritation and try to exfoliate the skin by rubbing the sock or stockings on your skin. Rinse the oatmeal off the skin and wash normally.

Epsom Salts
– Epsom salts are amazing! Using Epsom salts in your bath water can help the skin absorb the magnesium in it. These magnesium can help soothe muscle pain and rejuvenate the skin. It can also help regulate blood pressure, speeds up healing and restores damaged skin cells. Create this soak by adding 2 cups of Epsom salt in your running bath water. Add in your favorite essential oil for aroma and beauty benefits.

Commercial bubble baths can contain skin irritation and can even dry out the skin. Instead of adding bubble bath liquid to your water, try out these natural alternatives for a healthier glowing skin.

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