Tops Foods that Put You in a Bad Mood

Feeling down or irritated? Having bad mood swings? It can be from the food you eat. Ating the wrong foods can alter your body chemistry and can change your mood. If you are suffering from mood swings avoid these foods.

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Caffeine are great when it comes to boosting your energy, but having too much can cause your body to crash. Taking too much coffee can cause you to get the jitters and anxiety. Caffeine can alter the chemicals in our brain and can change your mood. If you are still craving for caffeine opt for caffeine free coffee, coconut water or teas.


Bagels are a quick and easy breakfast, but it can alter your mood throughout the day. Bagels can increase your blood sugar, like coffee it can give you a momentary sugar rush, but causes you to crash in the middle of the day. A study has shown that people who consume too much carbohydrate have increases in depression. You can opt for whole wheat bagels or oatmeal for breakfast.

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Processed meat in the market is filled with nitrate. Hot dogs, lunch box ham and processed meat can cause low moods, headaches, bloating and pains in the joints. Meats that are also filled with sodium can cause stomach cramps. Instant foods or packaged foods usually contain nitrate. Foods that are easy and fast to make are unavoidable because of our busy schedules but always consume in moderation. And if you have the time always opt for fresh. Opt for fresh cut meats and avoid meats that are full of preservatives.


Delicious sweets like cookies, cakes, pastries and candies are delicious and can help boost energy, but eating too much can give you a sugar crash. Sweets can give you a fast boost of energy, but it will not last unlike foods that are filled with protein. Sweets can cause bad moods and sugar cravings. Sweets can release serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is known to lift the mood but sugar in sweets can only momentarily lift moods.  If you want to satisfy that sweet tooth opt for fruits for a better mood.

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