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Get to Know the Different Types of Carbs (And Which Ones are Good for You!)

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Do you know why experts frown upon no- or low-carb diets? That’s because not all carbohydrates are created equal. Yes, that’s right — while some types of carbohydrates are bad for your health and figure, others are actually good for you! This is exactly the reason why excluding carbs in your diet in order to shed off pounds is not really a great idea.

The next time you see a commodity that says “low-carb” on the label, don’t put it in your shopping cart right away. A food product may contain good amounts of carbohydrates in it and still be perfect for your health and weight loss goals. Again, it all depends on which type of carbs it packs — there are 3 different ones, actually.

Knowing what the different types of carbohydrates are is the key to making the right choices. If you wish to attain superb health or a traffic-stopping figure, it’s of utmost importance for you to load up on good carbs and eliminate bad carbs. Continue reading to know the different carbohydrates available so that you may become an informed consumer.

Simple Carbohydrates

Just like what the name suggests, these types of carbs have unfussy molecular structures. It’s not unlikely for them to contain only 1 or 2 molecules of sugar. Because of this, simple carbohydrates are easily absorbed by the body, and this is exactly what gives them a bad reputation. The intake of food with simple carbohydrates can rapidly increase the levels of sugar in the bloodstream, causing an assortment of negative effects — from hunger pangs to energy crashes. And we all know that increased sugar levels can put you at high risk of suffering from diabetes!

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However, not all simple carbohydrates should be regarded as terrible for you. That’s because some of them are not really detrimental to your health and waistline, provided that they are taken in moderation — anything that is taken without restraint can be bad for you! Some examples of simple carbs that are good for you include those that you can find in fresh fruits. And what’s an example of simple carbohydrate that you should stay away from? Refined sugar! Just about anything with this ingredient should not make it past your mouth if you want to stay healthy and weighing ideally.

Complex Carbohydrates

The way they are called pretty much reveals that the molecular structures of complex carbohydrates are more intricate than those of simple carbohydrates. And that’s what makes them win the two- thumbs up of everyone — they are released slowly into the bloodstream, keeping the levels of blood sugar and your energy stable! Some wonderful examples of foods with complex carbohydrates in them are whole grains, beans, peas and so many other vegetables. Evidently, it’s not right to consider all carbohydrates as bad for you because lots of them are actually perfect for you!

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However, not all complex carbohydrates are the same. There are some of them that you should steer clear of, and they are the so-called refined carbohydrates. The name says it all — these types of carbohydrates have undergone processing, removing some of the parts (bran and germ) that make complex carbohydrates good for you in the first place. With those parts out of the picture, complex carbohydrates become just as bad for your health and figure as simple carbs. When shopping, do your best to dodge complex carbohydrates. Some common examples are noodles, white rice and anything else that’s out of white or refined flour like breads, cookies and muffins.

Fibrous Carbohydrates

More commonly known as fiber, these types of carbohydrates are very good for you because of what they are — indigestible types of carbohydrates! They pass from your mouth to your colon without being digested, thus making them effective cleaners of your GI tract. Fiber is good for those who like to lower their risk of constipation, colon cancer, high cholesterol levels, increased blood pressure and heart disease. It’s also something perfect for those who like to lose weight as fiber is low in calories, and can help ward off overeating as they make the stomach feel full!

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