7 Ways to Protect Your hair from Pool Water

It’s no secret among women that pool water is one of the enemies of their tresses. This is primarily caused by chlorine added to it, a chemical whose role is to kill microorganisms. Chlorine is not only good at killing bacteria, viruses and fungus but also at damaging your hair. If you are bent to hit the swimming pool without a shower cap on, read on before you head out. Below are 7 simple tips on saving your mane from damage brought about by pool water.

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Hit the Shower Before You Take a Plunge

Wetting your hair will help slow down its absorption of chlorine, thereby minimizing the chemical’s impact on your locks. Otherwise, it’s only going to soak up all the chlorine it can upon contact with pool water.

Refrain From Shampooing Your Mane Beforehand

Don’t shampoo as some of the chemicals your favorite shampoo leaves behind may interact negatively with chlorine. Besides, getting your hair shampooed before a swim is a waste of money as pool water will only render its benefits useless.

Wash Your Hair Thoroughly Once Done

The first thing you should do after swimming is rinse your hair very well. This is also the perfect time to shampoo. Don’t forget to generously use your preferred conditioner to immediately counter the drying effects of chlorine.

Invest in a Good Clarifying Shampoo

Especially if you love swimming, it’s a good idea to have a bottle of clarifying shampoo handy. This product helps remove any chemical you hair has collected in the pool. An all-natural alternative to such product is apple cider vinegar.

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Moisturize Your Mane with Natural Oil

Are you not happy with the result of the conditioner you just used? Grab a bottle of coconut oil and massage a few drops of it into your hair to restore lost moisture. Your mane will also shine like crazy and smell really yummy too.

Undergo a Treatment at the Salon

From time to time, hit your local salon and avail of a restorative treatment. It is also a good idea to ask the salon attendant for some of their most effective at-home hair treatment solutions.

Stay Away From Hairstyling Aids for Some Time

It’s not a good idea to use that hairdryer, curler or straightener right after swimming when each and every hair strand is prone to dryness and breakage. After a swim and in between trips to the local pool, remember to be gentle with your mane.

These are 7 simple tips on saving your tresses from being damaged by pool water. If you feel like your hair needs extra safeguarding, your best bet is to use a swimming cap. Opt for the most fashionable one you can get to dazzle as you swim!

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