Amazing Facts About Kiwifruit

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Quit on Kiwis

This awesome-looking fruit is packed with extreme awesomeness. Discover the mind-boggling effects this small piece of fruit produces once it becomes a part of your diet.

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The great combination of fibers in kiwifruits makes it a great help in digestion. Getting rid of feeling bloated or blocked is helped with the consumption of kiwis.

Immune System

Recent studies have proven the capacity of Kiwifruit to boost the immune system. It is effective in relieving the effects of stress and the unpredictable attacks of bacteria and viruses which is the cause of inflammation.

Antioxidants and Phytochemicals

Free radicals impair the healthy body function. Fighting free radicals involves a steady supply of carotenoids and polyphenols. Kiwifruit is one fruit that will not fail on this. It is able to provide all the antioxidants you need to battle against free radicals.

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Folate and Potassium

Unborn babies are shielded from neural defects with the help of folate. One great source of folates is the Kiwifruit. Cardiovascular diseases are kept at bay with folate while helping with the development of the brain and of the cognitive process.
It has been a constant talk among enthusiasts that folate should be mixed with the staple food just so they can ensure that the citizens will consume it regularly.


With almost the same level of potassium content as a banana, kiwifruit proves its worth again. But that is not all. Despite the similarities in the potassium content as bananas, kiwifruits contain half of the calories. It is good for the heart as it monitors the blood pressure.

Vitamin C

For a person to get the recommended daily consumption of vitamin C, only a piece of kiwi fruit is needed. It has two times the amount of vitamin C in oranges.


Kiwifruits are widely recognized not only because of their appearance. It has its place among the ranks of the top nutritious fruits. Its nutrition density ensures you that you acquire more vitamins and minerals per serving of this wonderful fruit.

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