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Brow Management

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If you’ve scrolled through Instagram or any beauty websites, you’ll know how big of a deal eyebrows are now a day. Ask any makeup artist and they will tell you that besides contouring, creating eyebrows are one of the most asked about makeup routine. Eyebrows are everything when it comes to makeup. Just putting on your eyebrows make a hell of a lot of difference. Putting your eyebrows wrong can make or break your whole look. Though, we all have to admit that managing our eyebrows alone can be difficult. Shaping, plucking and trimming it takes a lot of effort. We want our brows to look natural and groomed. Though, some of us worry that our natural brow doesn’t have a natural arch. Most of us have a natural arched brow, but this is not the only shaped we can follow there are also naturally thin brows, straight brows, high brows, thick brows and so much more.  The key to keeping your brows in tip top shape is maintenance. Maintaining your brows properly will help improve the hair growth of your eyebrows, make drawing and shaping a lot easier and it keeps your face looking neat. Below are the simple step by step guide to maintaining and grooming your brows.

What You Will Need:

There will be a few things you’ll need to start this process. Eyeshadow or eyebrow pencil, eyeshadows are great for filling out the brows and shaping. Eyeshadows can help fill in your eyebrows and using and use an angled brush shape the eyebrows. Pick eyeshadows that are near your hair color. Though, you can use eyebrow pencils if it makes you more accurate and comfortable. Eyebrow brush, this brush will help you brush the brow in shape and make plucking a whole lot easier. Tweezers or thread, this is the tools you’ll need to pluck away the hair. If you are not familiar with threading skip that item and stick to tweezers. Eyebrow gel or clear mascara. This item can help you get a more accurate shape to your eyebrow. Razor, if you are someone that prefers to shave than to pluck, then you should opt to get a small razor. Eyebrow scissors, this will help cut any excess length in your brow hairs.

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  • Start by brushing your brows using the eyebrow brush. Follow the natural flow of your hair and don’t force it to go in a different direction than its natural flow. For people that have coarse or long eyebrow hairs you will notice some hair strands exceeding your eyebrow shape. This is the time to use the eyebrow scissor to cut the excess hair. Once you cut out the excess hair, the brows will appear lighter. This will prevent your brows looking bushy and thick, trimming will also help make applying eyebrow products a lot easier.
  • After trimming brush your hair again to its natural or desired shape. The excess hair will now be more visible. If you are sensitive to pain, take a clean cloth and dampen it with hot water. Use this to lightly dab your eyebrows. This will help open up the follicles reducing the pain. Now, take your eye shadow or eyebrow pencil and start drawing in your desired shape. Anything exceeding that need to be plucked or threaded. It’s important to draw in the brows to prevent you from over plucking.
  • A lot of people tend to avoid touching the hairs above the eyebrows. However, removing these hairs can actually make the eyebrows a lot cleaner and shapelier. Plucking will take a long time, so it is better to use a razor for this area. Simply remove the fuzz above the brows to keep it clean.
  • Take the brow gel or clear mascara and apply it on your eyebrows. This will help put your hairs in place and allow you to see if there are any more hairs you might have missed.
  • You don’t have to trim once a week. Though, you have to pluck once a week or depending on your hair growth. Do these steps once a month to maintain the shape of your brows.
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The key to keeping your brows looking great is to keep it looking natural. Avoid over plucking or shaping. The natural hair growth of your eyebrows will help you determine the right shape. Your eyebrows should look groomed without looking too manicured. Going against your natural brows will give you artificial looking brows or cause problems with shaping. If you struggle with plucking or trimming the right shape or is doing this for the first time as an experienced friend to do it for you or get professional help. They can help you start your maintenance routine and give you’re the ideal shape to follow. Though in the long run you’ll learn how to properly groom it the way you want.

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