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Cleanse Liver with Superfoods

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The liver plays a vital role in the body as it is associated with digestion, immunity, metabolism, and nutrients. It can also secrete chemicals that are needed by the body which makes it one of the organs that function as an organ and a gland. A fully-functioning liver can help eliminate any toxins from the blood while converting nutrients that can be used by the body. It is also known to store iron, vitamins, and even simple sugar glucose just to name a few. Unfortunately, the kinds of food that we eat hurt our liver more. How then will you be able to repair your damaged liver? The good news is that there are plenty of foods that can help cleanse the liver so that it will be able to function better. Here are a few that you might want to add to your diet.


Grapefruit contains plenty of vitamin C as well as pectin that can aid in the cleansing process of the liver. This fruit comes with antioxidants referred to as glutathione that can aid in fighting off free radicals which can lessen the work that your liver is doing. You can have it as a snack to fill your belly up while protecting your liver too.


Another superfood that you can add to your diet to help with your liver is avocado. The glutathione present in this fruit is capable of eliminating the toxins that are present in your body so that your liver will be able to function better. Another plus to eating avocados is that it is high in monounsaturated fats which can reduce the amount of bad cholesterol levels in your body while raising HDL which are the good ones. This is easier on the liver which is what you should aim for.

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Adding walnuts to your diet is a great idea especially when you have to deal with poor liver function because it is rich in L-arginine which is known to detoxify the liver from ammonia. Eating walnuts can help increase the amount of omega-3 fatty acids in your body and even deliver glutathione which can aid your liver in removing toxins in it


There is always a reason for you to add lemons to your diet and one of them is to detoxify the liver by activating the enzymes with the help of D-Limonene antioxidant. Since lemon is known for its vitamin C content, it actually increases the amount of enzymes being produced in the liver to support digestion. Another plus to lemons is that it can enhance mineral absorption too. You can add the juice of lemon in one jar of water and drink it whenever you want. If the taste is too strong, you can add a bit of honey to it.

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You shouldn’t forget to add beetroot to your diet as it is one superfood that will be good for your liver. What’s great about beetroot is that it is packed with beta-carotene as well as flavonoids which can stimulate your liver. It can also help purify the blood too which is also beneficial to the liver. You can add beetroot to salads to give your greens that extra flavor, texture, and crunch too.

Green tea

Another way for you to cleanse your body from toxins is to make green tea a part of your daily diet. Green tea contains high amounts of catechins that can boost catabolism of lipids in the liver which can aid in preventing fats from accumulating in the liver. Another plus to drinking green tea is that it can treat and prevent liver problems too. Not only does green tea warm the belly, but it is loaded with health benefits too.

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