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Health Benefits of Baby Corn

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No, a baby corn does not come from another plant — it’s just your average corn, only that it is harvested before it had the chance to get bigger and reach its prime. But just because it’s just a tiny fraction of the size of a mature corn does not mean right away that it’s short on health benefits!

Actually, a baby corn is just as good for you as a fully-grown corn. However, there are a couple of differences between them, and they are:

 You can eat a baby corn raw — try consuming a mature corn uncooked and you will surely get your pearly whites chipped and your tummy achy! However, you may still choose to consume a baby corn steamed, grilled, baked, sautéed and stir-fried. It’s a highly versatile veggie! 

 It doesn’t taste like its bigger counterpart. A baby corn has a mild and almost bland flavor, but nonetheless has a hint of a mature corn’s characteristic flavor. Because of this, a baby corn can be combined with many different ingredients — it won’t overshadow them in any way.

However, it’s not just the sheer versatility of a baby corn that’s impressive, but also the numerous health benefits that it’s known to offer. Here are some of most noteworthy of them all:

It Helps Lower Blood Pressure

One of the many nutrients found in a baby corn is potassium — yup, that mineral that makes banana sought after by people who are suffering from high blood pressure. So if you are hypertensive and you want to put the condition under control, include more baby corn in your diet as regularly as you can.

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It Improves Eye Health

You can also obtain good amounts of vitamin A from a young corn, which means that the tiny vegetable is perfect for you if you cannot imagine living a life without seeing everything around you clearly. Eye experts say that vitamin A not only helps keep your vision sharp, but also wards off eye problems that can lead to loss of vision.

It Strengthens Your Immunity

We all know that consuming citrus fruits is great for making the immune system strong because they supply the body with vitamin C. But if you are not happy with the way that those fruits make your face contort, then simply consume baby corn because it actually contains lots of vitamin C.

It Wards Off Constipation

Adding baby corn to your diet regularly can help make moving your bowels a regular thing. That’s because this little version of a mature corn is loaded with fiber. A kind of carbohydrate that cannot be digested by the body, fiber helps make it easier for your intestines to get rid of toxins and the by-products of digestion.

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It Lowers Colon Cancer Risk

The consumption of fiber-rich baby corn on a regular basis may also help lower your odds of having colon cancer, which is one very deadly form of the big C when already in its later stages. Aside from colon cancer, doctors say that piles or hemorrhoids may also be prevented by the consumption of baby corn and other fiber sources.

It Helps You Lose Weight

Did you know that eating young corn is something that can make it easier for you to attain your dream figure? Being high in fiber, it makes you tummy feel heavy for a long period of time, thus helping you to fight off food cravings. Also, a baby corn is naturally very low in fat as well as calories. 

If you are impressed with all the perks that a baby corn can offer, let your loved ones know about them, too — kindly share this article on social media!

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