Combating Sleepiness Without Taking Coffee or Energy Drinks

Most people reach for a cup of coffee or can of energy drink each time they feel sleepy during the day when they still have a lot of tasks to accomplish in the workplace or at home.

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Unfortunately, that is something that’s not suited for everybody.

Especially if you are sensitive to caffeine, it’s for certain that sleepiness will not be the only problem you need to deal with — particularly in excessive amounts, anything that has caffeine in it can leave you with heart palpitations, anxiety, headaches, nausea, upset stomach and tremors.

The good news is it’s very much possible for you to attain alertness without the need to rely on coffee or energy drinks. If you like to know how, just keep on reading this article.

Cold Water

No, you’re not going to drink cold water — you’re going to splash it on your face. Keep on doing it until you feel awake and refreshed. As a bonus, it’s going to make your pores look smaller and your complexion appear glowing!


Aside from splashing cold water on your face, it’s also a good idea for you to consume a tall-glass of water. Most of the time, hydrating the body is enough to give it an energy boost. Drinking cold water is also known to accelerate the metabolism — the faster the metabolic rate, the more energetic you feel.


For your body to generate the energy you need to stay mentally and physically alert, you need to expend energy. It’s for this reason exactly why brisk walking for a few minutes can make that sleepiness go away.

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More Light

Especially if you’re at home, allow the sun to enter your abode by opening up those curtains, drapes or blinds — getting enough sun makes it clear to your body clock that it’s not yet time for some Z’s. If you’re at work, try using a desk lamp to increase the amount of light that you’re getting.


There are instances in which daytime sleepiness can be blamed on the failure of your brain to obtain enough oxygen. In order to supply your noodle with much-needed oxygen molecules, take slow deep breaths. It’s also something that you may carry out each time you are feeling stressed, anxious or enraged.


As soon as you feel that you can no longer fight off your sleepiness, approach the chattiest officemate or family member around and start up a conversation — the more interesting or controversial the topic, the better the results!

Press and Pull

According to experts in acupressure, which is just like acupuncture but without the needles, you may press on your earlobe with your thumb and index finger. It’s a good idea to slightly pull down on it, too, while you are pressing. Do this a few times and it won’t take long before you feel like you’re ready to face more challenges.


Speaking of the ears, you may also listen to some songs in order to fend off that sleepiness. Needless to say, you should go for those with fast tempos and enlivening beats for best results.

Essential Oils

Lots of people with insomnia often turn to essential oils. Did you know that you may also do the same if you’re sleepy all day long? Some essential oils that can increase your wakefulness and energy levels include lemon balm, rosemary, peppermint and orange. You may take a whiff of your choice straight from the bottle.

Do you have other effective tips on combating sleepiness without taking anything that has caffeine in it? Then feel free to share some of them in the comments section down below so that others may try them, too!

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