Benefits of Oil Rinse for Your Hair

Are you struggling with moisture retention even after post cleansing? Then you will need an oil rinse to keep your hair in tip top shape. It’s sometimes difficult to retain the natural moisture of your hair even after you have washed or co-washed it which can make it frustrating to those who want to have naturally beautiful hair. If this is the case, then you are better off doing oil rinse on your hair.

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For those who are wondering what is oil rinse, it’s basically the practice of applying oil on your hair, after you have washed and shampooed, and must be done before you condition your hair. This is completely different from adding oils to your deep conditioner since in an oil rinse, the oil is incorporated directly on your hair. It isn’t similar to hot oil treatment since oil rinsing is done after you shampoo.

What are the Benefits of Oil Rinsing?

Moisture retention

One of the biggest advantages of an oil rinse is that it is locks in moisture in your hair. This is a huge relief to those who often have to deal with dry and brittle hair. Since the oil penetrates the shaft of your hair deeply, you will find that moisture is locked in better than just applying deep conditioner.

Eliminates knots

Another advantage of doing the oil rinse is that you don’t have to deal with knots on your hair every time you wash or your comb your hair. This is a huge relief to those who hate having to pull at their hair just to eliminate the knots that have formed on them. If you have natural or curly hair, doing an oil rinse will be a huge relief to your hair care routine.

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Enhances natural shine

What other benefits will you get from doing an oil rinse? If you are worried that your hair is no longer as shiny as it was before, oil rinsing can be a lot of help. Oils do give your hair that extra sheen to it without making it look greasy or oily. Since you will be doing this after shampooing your hair, then rinsing it off after, prior to your conditioning, you will find that your hair will appear shinier naturally.

Detangles hair easily

Another advantage to doing an oil rinse is that it helps detangle your hair easily. Doing an oil rinse makes your hair smoother, softer, and shinier so that there is no way your hair will detangle anymore. For natural hair, this is a huge relief because you won’t have to deal with tangles that can pull your hair off your scalp once you run your hair.

Removes frizz

What else can oil rinse do for your hair? Well, it has been found to eliminate frizz which can help make your hair look tame. When you use oil rinse, your hair strands get repaired, and they will become soft and smooth to the touch. You’ll feel more confident with your letting your hair down since your hair looks tamer than before.

Doing an Oil Rinse

Doing an oil rinse is fairly simple. You should start with soaking your hair thoroughly with water and shampoo to remove any dirt, oil, and sweat. Rinse afterwards. Now, coat your hair with your choice of oil such as olive oil, castor oil, and the like. Apply your conditioner over the oil and leave it on for 3 to 5 minutes. Rinse your hair once more. You can also apply leave-in conditioner if you want to make your hair look even better.

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