Common Mistakes You Do With Your Bobby Pins

Bobby pins are versatile hair accessory, which you can clip on the go. Simply attach this piece onto your hair secures your tresses so it won’t ruin your overall appearance. However, are you using them the proper way?

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Before we look into the hair mistakes you do with your bobby pins, let us re-acquaint ourselves with the components of this simple yet flexible hair accessory. The four major components of this pin are the following: the eye, the ridge, the blade, and the balls.

The eye is the loop located at the upper most of the pin that holds the bulk of the hair.

The ridge is the wavy side of the pin. This allows compression and extra hair fit between the blade and the ridge. There are bobby pins that do not have ridge. They are called slides. Those pins without waves do not hold as much hair because they don’t have that space.

The blade is the flat side of the pin that is applied against the scalp.

The balls, found at the end of the pin, are not standard feature on all pins. Some pins do not have these little plastic balls. If you find bobby pins with little plastic balls, they are attached to the pin to add comfort and prevent your hair from pulling of snagging.

Having learned the main parts of bobby pin, you may not probably realize the mistakes you have done whenever you clip these pins to your hair. This is the right time to correct these seemingly bad habits.

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Hair blunder #1: You insert it with the grooved side up.

  • If you have been putting in your bobby pins with the grooved side up, it is not the correct way of wearing them. The grooved should not face outwards as they are intended to help the bobby pin stay in place.

Hair blunder #2: You slip it on a wet hair.

  • Avoid this mistake as putting a bobby pin on wet hair always makes it dry in that shape. Allow your hair to dry before clipping those pins on your tresses.

Hair blunder #3: You use it as “cotton swab”.

  • Here is the big mistake that many people make with bobby pins; they use them to clean their ears. It is a big no-no because you put your ears to possible danger. Did you know that the skin near your eardrum is delicate and easily damaged? So, never use a hard, pointy object like a bobby pin to your ears. They are definitely not a replacement for cotton swab. Bobby pins are made for your hair not for your ears.

Hair blunder #4: You use them despite its worn out coating at the end.

  • Many women are guilty of doing this – clipping the bobby pin on without the little plastic balls at the end of it. When this part of the pin is removed, worn out or fallen off, do not wear them. Throw them away. The sharp metal underneath is not meant to be worn on its own. It can pull, snag or snap off your precious crowning glory.

Hair blunder #5: You spread them apart too much.

  • Spreading your bobby pins apart too much makes these pins less effective to hold your hair. Doing this bends the metal, making the pins less tight to be able to hold your hair better. Be careful on how your insert this dependable accessory to your hair.

Hair blunder #6: You only use them to keep hair in place.

  • Don’t be afraid to style your hair using bobby pins. Yes, they hold your hair in place but there are creative ways and tricks you can do with these versatile pins.

Hair blunder #7: You choose inappropriate color.

  • This depends on how you style your hair. If you want it to remain in place and less visible, picking the appropriate bobby pin color is essential. If your hair is dark in shade, pick the dark color of pin like black or brown. If your locks are light like blonde, choose the lighter ones.
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