Don’t Chicken Out on Fighting the Symptoms of Chickenpox! – Here are Some Good Natural Remedies

Are you currently suffering from chickenpox? Then you know by now how itchy those bumps and blisters could get! While scratching may provide temporarily relief, that’s an utter no-no because it will only put you at risk of nasty scarring and infection. Popping an antihistamine in your mouth is not always the solution because it can leave you feeling really sleepy.

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Luckily for you, there are numerous home remedies that are tried-and-tested effective against the horrible itchiness that chickenpox brings. Throughout the duration of the skin condition caused by the varicela-zoster virus, you may try some of the following to attain relief from the extreme itchiness:

Baking Soda

This white powder is not only good for making an assortment of baked treats fluffy but also wonderful at giving you a much-needed break from chickenpox itching. Simply dissolve half a tablespoon of baking soda in a glass of water. Grab a soft and clean washcloth, soak it in the mixture, wring out the excess and pat on itchy skin areas. You may also dump a cup of baking soda in your bath water and soak in it for several minutes until you feel very satisfied.


Aside from being an excellent breakfast and snack for health-conscious people, oatmeal is also a very good at providing relief from itchiness brought about by chicken pox. Simply turn a couple of cups of raw oatmeal into fine powder with the help of your blender or food processor. Afterwards, add it to your bathwater. Don’t forget to agitate the water with your hands before soaking in it to have the powdered oatmeal dissolved.

Epsom Salt

One of the simplest and easiest all-natural remedy for chickenpox itchiness is by grabbing a container of Epsom salt and adding a couple of cups of it to your bath water. Thanks to the magnesium sulfate present in the product, it is capable of dealing with that itchiness that chickenpox causes. Soaking in water with Epsom salt dissolved in it also helps in dealing with skin irritation and inflammation caused by the skin condition.

Pure Honey

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Daubing honey on each bump or blister may be a time-consuming task, but the effective relief from itchiness that it brings will make you glad that you have patience. Honey has antibacterial properties that soothes your itchy skin as well as provides disinfection to help ward off an infection. It is also said that honey helps in hastening the healing of those bumps or blisters. Make sure that you go for pure and raw honey if you wish to put a stop to that itchiness.

Brown Vinegar

This sour liquid has been used for centuries by traditional healers in disinfecting the skin due to its powerful antibacterial properties. Using brown vinegar for chickenpox helps prevent infection. It also contains acetic acid which helps speed up the drying of bumps and blisters. Add a half a cup of brown vinegar to your bath water, mix and soak in it for several minutes. Do this daily to keep the itchiness brought about by chicken pox from driving you crazy.


Drinking ginger tea helps provide relief from skin itchiness and inflammation caused by chickenpox. It’s also a good idea to take advantage of ginger topically if you want to keep chickenpox from wreaking havoc to your day. Simply grate fresh ginger until you come up with about a cup of it. Add this to your bath tub filled with lukewarm water. Soak in it for several minutes and allow ginger to carry out its anti-inflammatory ability, thus giving you relief from chickenpox.


If one of the colorful flowers in your garden is marigold and you are having a bout of chickenpox, consider yourself lucky. That’s because this brilliant yellow-orange flower can help you attain relief from the intense itchiness.  All you have to do is pound marigold flowers until you come up with 2 tablespoons of them. Also pound some witch hazel leaves until you have a tablespoon of them. Add them to a cup of water and let steep overnight. Apply on the affected areas.

Neem Leaves

For centuries now, neem leaves have been used by traditional healers in India for dealing with chickenpox. They help prevent infection and speed up the healing of those bumps and blisters to. Simply pound some neem leaves, add some water and apply on itchy areas of the skin. You may also soak them in hot water for a few minutes. Strain afterwards and add it to your bathwater. Soak in it for several minutes to attain utmost relief from chickenpox.

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