Ease the Symptoms of Hangover by these 4 Simple Remedies

Aside from the throbbing headaches, dizziness and nausea, drinking too much also causes dehydration because of its diuretic property. This is actually the reason behind most of the symptoms of a hangover.

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Though traditional remedies to treat individual symptoms of a hangover can be done, these may be ineffective and might actually worsen what you feel.
Here are 4 simple cures for that nasty hangover:

1. Sleep
Nothing beats the power of enough sleep. Alcohol can easily put a person to sleep but after hours of partying, the disruption in the sleep cycle can jolt him awake. Though sleep deprivation do not necessarily cause hangover, it can actually worsen it. Study shows that “sleeping it off” actually eases one’s foggy brain and achy body.

2. Rehydration
Since dehydration caused by heavy drinking aggravates most of the symptoms of a hangover, drinking water or other sports drinks do so much to ease them. In fact, studies show that heavy drinking causes the loss of electrolytes. According to Dr. Cutler, electrolyte solutions as well as juice, Gatorade and even water makes a hung-over person feel less miserable.

3. Easy-Access Painkillers
Almost all hung-over people complain about headaches and muscle cramps. These symptoms can easily be treated with simple over-the-counter painkillers including Paracetamol-based ones such as aspirin. However, experts advise against the use of medicines with acetaminophen such as Tylenol because they can cause liver damage when combined with the alcohol in the body.

4. Consume Sugar and Carbohydrate-Rich Foods
After a long and intensive alcohol drinking session, a person commonly experiences trembling. This may be eased by consuming sweets. Some instances may also require the intake of antacid to alleviate hyperacidity in the stomach.

Experts also recommend that people with hangover take foods rich in carbohydrates in order to bring his or her sugar levels back up. Blood sugar levels tend to decrease when a person is drinking alcohol because the liver is too busy metabolizing alcohol instead of producing glucose from the stored carbohydrates in the body.
A low blood sugar level also makes a person irritable and tired so health professionals advise hung over their patients to eat some crackers or bread to stabilize their blood’s sugar level.

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