Health Benefits of Kissing

They say you will always remember your first kiss and since kissing is activity most individuals enjoy, imagine kissing your way to better health. From improving your teeth to burnings calories, there are many joys of kissing. So grab that special someone and smooch your way to improved health.

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1. Kissing Benefits the Teeth

Research shows that the saliva produced from frequent kissing can benefit your teeth. Saliva can help prevent and reduce plaque build-up. Kissing can save you trips to the dentist and the sound of that dreaded drill.

2. Kiss Your Way to a Longer Life

Individuals who kiss more live longer. Research states that kissing your significant other every morning can add years to your life. A simple good morning kiss can add five years to your life.

3. Burn Calories While Kissing

A simple, gentle kiss can burn six to twelve calories. The steamier things get the more calories you will burn. Imagine burning as many as 300 calories while making love to your significant other? Affection never looked so good.

4. Kissing is Great for Your Heart

Kissing is an adrenaline producing activity. Adrenaline causes the heart to get pumping and increase blood circulation. The effects kissing has on your heart is essentially very similar to getting your heart going by aerobic exercise like running or bicycling.

5. Relieve Some Stress with a Kiss

A brief kissing session with your significant other will reduce stress, tension, and prove you with a sense of well-being. The stress inducing hormone, cortical, is actually lowered during a passionate kissing session. If it has been a long day at the office or where ever for that matter, kiss it off.

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6. Kissing Keeps You Looking Good

Kissing is a workout for your face. Kissing requires use of thirty different facial muscles. A kissing session will tone your face and keep the blood circulating. Good circulation in your face is one of the easiest, most inexpensive ways to stay young-looking and eliminate the appearance of lines and wrinkles. In fact, many women pay for facial massages to help circulate the blood. You can keep your significant other satisfied and look great all at the same time.

7. Kissing Helps Prevent Illness

While kissing, you produce an increased amount of saliva. There are natural antibiotics secreted in saliva. Production of saliva can help the immune system fight off disease and various infections. A quick kissing session can help keep you and the one you love safe from any unwanted illnesses.

8. Kissing as Pain Control

Kissing can help fight off the aches and pains. In addition the euphoric exhilaration brought on by kissing, saliva once again can help your health. Saliva produces a natural anesthetic. For anyone who has been on a powerful pain reliever such as morphine, the endorphins generated during this enjoyable act are 200 times more powerful than high intensity pain killers.

9. Kissing Boosts Self-Esteem

Kissing causes individuals to feel more loved and more appreciated. Who doesn’t want to feel loved and appreciated? Kissing results in confidence and self-esteem, imagine the added bonus of being told you are a great kisser! In general, having a higher self-esteem makes you healthier. Those who fight depression or have low self-esteem tend to also fight off more sickness because their bodies lack the endorphins and natural antibiotics to fight disease.

10. Kissing Calms You

Kissing has been known to reduce anxiety and stop any feelings of being overwhelmed. Kissing increases oxytocin. Oxytocin is a calming hormone which promotes the feeling of tranquility. If it has been a long day or you have something on your mind, grab your significant other and calm down.

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