Herbs That Help Lower Stress Levels

Everyone knows that chronic stress is something that can damage the health in all sorts of ways. This is why keeping your stress levels to a minimum each and every time is paramount.

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Unfortunately, leading a completely stress-free life in this day and age is virtually impossible — no one who wants to stay active and productive can dodge daily stressors. However, it is very much possible for some stressors to be avoided. Then there are also a wide variety of ways to reduce one’s stress levels effectively and all-naturally.

While at work, something as simple as reaching for a stress ball, having a glass of water or taking a quick walk can help in reducing stress levels. At the end of the day, there are even more options available, from heading to the spa to get a full-body massage to watching your favorite TV sitcom.

Did you know that there are also certain herbs that are very good at lowering your stress levels, thus safeguarding you from the complications of stress if left unmanaged?

Many of these herbs are touted as adaptogens. Just like what the term suggests, adaptogens assist the body in adapting to a stressful environment so much better. They work by reducing the levels of cortisol, which also sometimes known as the stress hormone because it is released by your adrenal glands as a response to stress.

Some of these herbs help reduce stress by making you feel relaxed. It may sound like they have very simple actions, but they help make your body bounce back from stress so much better. For instance, they help you enjoy a good night’s sleep, which unmanaged high levels of stress can keep you from having — and we are all well-aware that sleep deprivation is something that can definitely make everything so much worse!

Excited to effectively combat stress with some herbs that you can easily obtain from an online or offline herbal or health and food store? Then continue reading.

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One of the most popular herbs in the world of Ayurvedic healing, ashwagandha is scientifically-proven to help reduce stress levels so effectively. Also known as “winter cherry”, you may count on ashwagandha if stress is keeping you from attaining a peaceful mind.

Holy basil 

Also sometimes called “tulsi”, holy basil is superb for fighting stress as well as mental and physical fatigue, based on numerous studies conducted on it. By the way, it is so packed with antioxidants that holy basil is dubbed as the “elixir of anti-aging” in India.


Just because it looks so pretty doesn’t mean that it’s not tough against stress. Actually, so many people who have stressful lives swear by the ability of passion flower to soothe their nerves. This stunning herb has mild sedative properties, so it can help you get to sleep at night.


Another pretty herb that you can count on for stress reduction is lavender. You can take a whiff of it in essential oil form to attain immediate calmness. It’s also possible for you to employ lavender in the form of tea. When taken at bedtime, getting to dreamland can become effortless.


You may also get your hands on a cup of chamomile tea if you want to reduce your stress levels, which is important for the attainment of a good night’s sleep at the end of a really busy day. If stress is causing distress to your digestive system, you may also rely on chamomile tea for relief.


This list won’t be complete without mentioning ginseng. Experts say that this age-old herb is a wonderful adaptogen, able to promote sustained physical and mental performance. In addition, ginseng can help control blood sugar, prevent depression and lower the blood pressure.

When attempting to try any herb for the improvement of your life and wellbeing, make sure that you let your doctor know about it first. This is true most especially if you’re pregnant, nursing or diagnosed with a medical condition.

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