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Herbs That Help Make Your Metabolism Run Faster

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Frustrated that those unwanted pounds refuse to go away despite your best efforts to make healthy food choices and exercise on a regular basis? Then it must be your sluggish metabolism that is keeping you from enjoying the body of your dreams.

These days, you can easily come across weight loss supplements that are said to work by boosting your metabolism to encourage faster weight loss. The unfortunate truth about these products is that they can come with a bunch of unfavorable side effects and daunting risks, thus putting your health in peril.

It’s a good thing that you don’t have to dabble in risky business just to make your excess weight go away. That’s because instead of getting your hands on questionable weight loss supplements that are said to speed up a person’s metabolism, you can simply rely on some herbs that are scientifically-proven to have metabolism-boosting properties.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of these amazing herbs:


Dandelion is primarily used for cleansing the liver. It’s also highly beneficial for people with high blood pressure and poor digestion. Dandelion may be employed, too, for those whose metabolic rates are not optimal, thus helping them to find it easier to become slimmer.

Stinging nettle

Aside from making your metabolism run so much faster, stinging nettle also helps save you from being an emotional eater, something that can easily make your waistline expand. That’s because stinging nettle is said to increase serotonin levels in the brain, resulting in reduced depression and stress.

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Just like stinging nettle, tribulus is an herb that is proven to help lower stress levels and lift the mood. As a result, there is no need for you to rely on unhealthy foods for comfort and happiness. Since tribulus is also very good at accelerating the metabolism, slimming down need not be that super challenging.


Other than making all sorts of dishes look amazing and your breath smell fresh, parsley can also help you attain the body of your dreams. That’s because it has incredible metabolism-boosting properties. Also, it is a diuretic so it can make that pesky water weight go away.


Fennel is kind of similar to parsley because it also has diuretic properties, which means taking it causes your kidneys to flush excess water out of your body. But the slimming effect of fennel is not just temporary because it is also known to make a person’s metabolism run a lot faster.

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You may also count on astragalus if you feel that it’s your slow metabolism that is keeping you from attaining the head-turning figure that you have always wanted. It’s for the fact that it promotes a faster metabolic rate. By the way, astragalus is also good for inflammation, heart disease and diabetes.


What makes hawthorn an effective booster of the metabolism is its ability to encourage a healthy thyroid gland. You see, it is your thyroid gland that is responsible for regulating your metabolism. So if this gland that’s situated in your neck is in superb shape, then your metabolism can be kept from being sluggish.


Have you come across the tip that brushing your teeth can help reduce your appetite? It’s because of the mint flavor of toothpastes which can reduce hunger. Going for the real deal definitely provides much faster result. With your caloric intake reduced, your body has no choice but to increase your metabolism for energy.

When planning on losing weight with the help of herbs, make sure that you let your doctor known about it first. This is true most especially if you have a medical condition and you are taking prescription drugs for it.

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