Home Remedies for a Cut on the Lip

Accidents do happen and one of the things that may arise from one is a cut on the lip. Not only is this something that can be very painful, but it can also be seen by everyone as it heals, and it may actually leave your kissers scarred for life!

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Seeing a doctor is important if the cut on your lip is large and gaping, and won’t stop bleeding. With such being the case, getting the cut sutured or stitched has to be done to encourage proper healing.

For a cut that is small and can apparently heal on its own without medical intervention, there are some steps that you may take to avoid unnecessary problems. The following are some of the best home remedies for a cut on the lip:

Clean the Area

One of the very first things that you should do upon getting a cut on the lip is cleaning the wound. Doing so ASAP will prevent the accumulation and multiplication of bacteria in the area, thus warding off an infection that can definitely make the problem a much bigger one!

To have a cut on the lip disinfected, wash it thoroughly with water and antibacterial soap. Afterwards, dry the wound with a piece of tissue paper or kitchen towel.

Put the Bleeding to an End

After disinfecting the cut on your lip, it’s very much possible for it to keep on bleeding. Do not panic because it won’t take long before your blood will clot, putting an end to the bleeding.

You may apply gentle pressure on the cut on the lip using the one you used for drying the wound after having it cleaned with water and soap — a small piece of tissue or kitchen towel. Sometimes it may take 10 to 15 minutes before you notice results. Replace your tissue or kitchen towel with a new one if it gets saturated with blood.

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Here’s another tip on how to quickly put an end to the bleeding: apply ice. However, do not place ice directly on the cut on your lip. It’s a good idea to have it wrapped with a piece of clean cloth before gently pressing it against the problem area. Applying ice helps constrict broken blood vessels, thus stopping the bleeding.

Apply Antibiotic Ointment

No home medicine cabinet or first aid kit is complete without a tube of antibiotic ointment in it. Once the bleeding has subsided, consider applying a little of the product on the wound. This will help in keeping at bay an infection, allowing the cut on your lip to heal in no time and without complications along the way.

Give Your Lips Time to Rest

During the first few hours of getting a cut on your lip, it’s a good idea to keep usage of your lips to a minimum — this means that you should try your best to abstain from talking, laughing, yawning, eating, kissing, etc.

If you need to drink water, use a straw. If you need to eat, try going for something soft that’s easy to chew or requires no chewing at all. Definitely, you should steer clear of anything that’s acidic and spicy. You can expect disaster to strike should it come into contact with the cut on your lip!

Let Nature Do Its Thing

It usually takes a few days before the cut on your lip becomes completely healed. When a scab forms, refrain from picking it because it will only take you back to square one!

Continue making observations. If it’s been a week since you injured your lip and the cut is still painful and inflamed, seek the help of your doctor to make sure that there is no infection going on that is keeping it from healing.

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