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Tips on Dealing With an Inferiority Complex

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Simply put, an inferiority complex is lacking in self-esteem and self-worth. It’s something that makes you feel like you are inferior compared to others — you’re not as bright, you’re not as attractive, you’re not as moneyed, etc.

It’s not unlikely for someone who has an inferiority complex to take drastic measures to compensate for anything that is considered as a weakness or failure. Such can be a good thing if it results in an impressive success. However, overcompensating can sometimes lead to an asocial behavior.

Needless to say, an inferiority complex can leave you feeling depressed, which is something that brings in more problems to the picture. Ignoring your feelings of being inferior, such as by diverting your mind, can still eventually make you feel down in the dumps as you fail to face or address the reason behind your inferiority complex.

Experts say that it’s a good idea for you to identify the root cause of an inferiority complex. Is it a bad experience in grade school? Is it due to a romance that went sour?

Determining the reason behind an inferiority complex can make it considerably easier for you to tackle the problem. Once the source has been pinned down, there are steps that you should take to overcome that inferiority complex of yours. Here are some of the things that you should try on a regular basis:

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Accept That Everyone’s Flawed

Everyone on the planet has his or her flaws. So in other words, each person is somewhat inferior to someone else. This does not mean, however, that it’s perfectly fine to develop an inferiority complex — its coming into being can be kept from happening if you learn to accept wholeheartedly that nobody’s perfect.

Count Your Blessings

Although it’s true that you cannot have everything you want, it is for certain that you have certain attributes, talents, skills and possessions that you should be very thankful for. Every individual has his or her own set of weaknesses and strengths. Learning to count your blessings will make you see that there is no use in feeling inferior.

Focus on Your Positives

It is a good idea for you to identify people that you feel inferior to. Afterwards, focus not on the things that make those people better than you, but on the things that make you better than them. Can they play the violin? Do they have mesmerizing eyes like yours? Are their jobs as rewarding as yours?

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Learn to Love Yourself

In some instances, an inferiority complex strikes when you want to become somebody else. Instead of wishing that you were that person, why not make him or her an inspiration? You may use the said individual’s characteristics and achievements to improve yourself and enrich your life — not change who you are.

Quit Dwelling on What Others Think

Someone who has an inferiority complex tends to dwell on what other people might be thinking — might and not actually thinking. More often than not, the idea that others are judging you is only in your head. While it’s true that you should respect the opinion of someone about you, in the end the only opinion that really matters is yours.

Build Your Self-Confidence

Lacking in self-confidence can certainly make you feel inferior to others. It’s exactly for this reason why feeling secure in yourself as well as your abilities can help put an end to that inferiority complex of yours. There are so many activities that can help boost your self-confidence, from getting in shape to learning a new language.

The above are some of the things that can help in dealing with an inferiority complex. If the problem is something that has been keeping you from leading a normal and satisfying life, you may consider talking to an expert.

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