Homemade Detox Water – Ideal For A Flat Stomach

These days, the market is saturated with all sorts of bottled water that come in an assortment of flavors and formulations. Majority of them cater to consumers who want to detoxify their bodies and shed off excess pounds.

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Instead of helping you attain your health and fitness goal, much of these products may actually be detrimental to your attempt at being clean and slim. That’s because they are loaded with artificial sweeteners and flavorings.


Besides, the only thing that a lot of them can help slim down is your pocket due to the steep price tags they carry. So rather than grab a bottle at the supermarket or convenience store, why not make your own stash at home? The DIY approach allows you to chug down water that’s flavored naturally and is actually capable of detoxifying and slimming down your body.


This doesn’t come as a surprise most especially if you put each ingredient under the spotlight, the benefits of each and every one will be discussed later on. In the meantime, get started with the creation of your homemade detoxifying water by following this simple recipe:




12 mint leaves

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1 medium-sized lemon

1 medium-sized cucumber

1 teaspoon of grated ginger

2 liters of water




  1. Thoroughly wash both lemon and cucumber under running water because you’re not going to peel any of them. Some of the potent ingredients are actually in the peel so you don’t want to get rid of it.


  1. Slice your lemon and cucumber thinly and place them in a jar.


  1. Grab a dozen of mint leaves and wash them thoroughly and place them in the jar too.


  1. Throw your grated ginger into the mix.


  1. Pour in the 2 liters of water and stash the jar in the fridge for about 8 hours for the perfect infusion. Remember to stir occasionally to make all of those nutrients and powerful antioxidants leak into the water.


Here’s a quick breakdown of the ingredients used as well as the benefits they bring:


  1. Lemon – It is loaded with vitamin C that boosts the immune system and promotes detoxification of the body.


  1. Cucumber – Because as much as 90% of its composition is water, it doesn’t come as a shock why cucumber is a great detoxifier. It also contains age-defying antioxidants. That’s why cucumber extract is a staple ingredient in so many anti-aging products on today’s market.


  1. Ginger – Anti-inflammatory properties of ginger makes lipid metabolism and toxin neutralization more effective.


  1. Mint leaves – They help ease abdominal pain and possess the ability to accelerate the fat-burning process.
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