How to Cut 500 Calories Every Day

The best way to lose weight is to cut down on calories. Exercise won’t do anything unless you cut down on food and unhealthy calories. Lose those unwanted lbs. with these simple tips to cut down 500 calories in your diet.

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Eat Breakfast:
Eating breakfast can help you curb off hunger pangs and increase your energy. People that tend to skip breakfast consume more calories throughout the day than those who did. Eating a full breakfast can also prevent you from snacking mid-morning.

Down Size Your Meal:
Eat less by simply downsizing your meal. Pick for a smaller drink size or plate to help you cut down your calorie intake. Seeing a small full plate can trick the mind into thinking it has consumed a lot of calories, making you eat less. A larger serving tricks the brain into thinking that it can still consume more calories.

Cut Down On The Soda:
Sodas and sugary drinks are filled with sugar and calories. If you drink about 3 to 4 sodas a day you are consuming 500 empty calories. Cut down these calories by opting for fizzy water or good ole’ water.

Eat at the table:
A study has shown that people who ate at the table instead of in front of the TV consumed 288 calories less. Eating at the table allows us to focus on what we are eating and prevents us from eating mindlessly.

Liquids before Solids:
Start your day off with a 2 glasses of water to boost metabolism. Drink a glass of water before meals to make you fuller faster.

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Opt for Black Coffee:
Your favorite white chocolate macadamia pumpkin hazelnut frappe is packed with sugar and calories. Take out 500 calories by going black. Black coffee has a very low calorie count and it is a lot healthier than your Venti beverage.

Skip The Extra Anything:
When eating anything healthy foods like salads and oatmeal, adding a little extra can help boost its bland taste. Adding croutons, sugar, dried fruit and bacon can add calories to your food. When adding toppings pick one and only one. A handful of toppings will do.

Listen to Your Tummy:
Avoid eating when you don’t feel hungry. The body has a way of telling you when it needs food or water. Unless you feel like you really need to eat don’t. Your mind can be tricking you into thinking you are hungry even though you are just bored. Listen to your tummy and not your mind.

Say no to Nuts:
Some nuts can actually help you lose weight, but nuts are high in calories and fat. A handful of nuts is enough to give you the nutrients and minerals the body needs. More than a handful can just increase your calorie intake. Two handfuls of fatty nuts can come up to 300 calories.

Having an irregular sleeping pattern can cause you to snack more. People who only get 5 hours of sleep a day tend to snack more during the day to gain more energy. Get enough sleep to avoid binging on food for energy.
Following these tips and cut out calories in your diet. A simple change in diet can help you shed off those unwanted pounds.

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