The Truth about Stretch Marks

What exactly are stretch marks? Scientifically known as Striae, stretch marks are often seen as silvery white bands of tissue that tends to stripe the skin in places where growth has already outpaced the skin’s capacity to stretch.  Areas where stretch marks are commonly found may include the thighs, arms, hips, breasts and the lower belly.

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The skin is made up of elastic fibers and it can stretch and then snap, much like how a rubber band works. When the skin gets stretched, its surface becomes thin and rippled, thus resulting in stretch marks.

What are the causes of stretch marks?

There are a number of factors that can trigger the appearance of stretch marks. It could be because of a growth spurt, rapid weight loss or gain, a result of body building or also of pregnancy.

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Can the appearance of stretch marks be avoided?

While you can’t really prevent the skin from stretching while being pregnant, there are still other things that you can do to minimize the occurrence of stretch marks; that is provided that you are not pregnant.

  1. Dabbing a retinoid cream at the area of concern. The cream will help trigger the production of new collagen and let the existing stretch marks blend with the rest of the skin. Retinol that can be purchased over-the-counter is considerably weaker than its prescription counterpart but it can still help in minimizing the appearance of newer stretch marks and prevent the old ones from becoming worse.
  2. Use creams riddled with Vitamin E, Vitamin E is also a known ingredient in lessening the visibility of stretch marks on the skin.
  3. Healthy Diet

Stretch marks often occur in people who drastically lose or gain weight since their skins then to over expand or shrink massively during either of the process.  So to eliminate this from happening, make sure that you go on a healthy weight loss diet accompanied by the right set of physical activities and exercises.

You might notice that there isn’t really any cream or balm in the planet that will entirely prevent the appearance of stretch marks.  What was being sold in the markets are designed to minimize its appearance but never really avoid it, so if it is what’s being claimed by any product manufacturer—that it will help you avoid stretch marks, then its best to do away with it. Also, keep in mind, that skin hydration and moisturization is one way to minimize those nasty scars and helps relieve itchiness too especially in the belly area.

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