Tips on How to Quit Eating Sugar

Sugar laden foods are very much a staple in many dinner tables which is not surprising given that most of us are partial to eating the sweet stuff. From bagels in the morning, to cookies in between meals, and cakes or chocolates for dessert, we always find ways to add sweets to our diet. Add to this the fact that when the holiday rolls around, we just can’t say no to all the delicious candies and treats bared before us.

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Unfortunately, eating too much sugar is not really good for us as is evidenced with the presence of acne breakouts on our skin, and the extra fats that we are carrying around our hips and thighs. These are all due to the calories that come with all the sweet stuff that we’ve been eating. Although we make resolutions to cut back on anything that has sugar in it, it is almost certain that we go back to our old ways. Is there any way for you to quit sugar completely?

It appears that there are ways for us to cut back our addiction to sweets and some of these are:

Don’t drink the sweet stuff

Drinking soda, fruit juice, sports drinks, and other beverages with artificial sweeteners in them are adding to your calorie intake and may cause your blood sugar levels to spike as well. If you want to cut back on your sugar intake, you might want to avoid any beverages that have sweeteners in them.

Choose desserts wisely

Just because we are talking about desserts, it doesn’t have to mean that they should be high in sugar content. As a matter of fact, there are healthier alternatives available such as eating a piece of dark chocolate, a cup of fresh fruits, or some Greek yogurt with a few slices of fresh fruit. Not only do they contain nutrients, but they will also help regulate your blood sugar levels too.

Switch to vegetables and fruits

Most of us are focused on eating foods that are processed rather than whole foods. Unfortunately, these types of food contain artificial sweeteners and other trans fats that can cause our weight to go up. If you want to cut back your sugar intake, or at least regulate your blood sugar levels, add more vegetables and fruits to your diet instead since they are laden with vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to your overall health.

Watch out for canned foods

Canned fruits, canned vegetables, and other canned foods may also have some hidden sugar in them. Most of us make the mistake of just popping open the can since the contents are fruits or vegetables. However, if you take a closer look at the list of ingredients, you will find that they do have some sugar in them. If you can avoid drinking the syrup, then do so. In the case of vegetables, you can wash them first before eating to reduce the sugars in them.

Have more protein

Make it a point to have some protein during your meals because they can help with your blood sugar levels. This also helps with keeping your cravings at bay as well.

Choose natural sweeteners

Since table sugar is an artificial sweetener, you might want to look for natural sweeteners instead. Think organic raw honey if possible or Stevia to help sweeten your food minus the calories.

It’s not easy cutting off sugar from your diet unless you have complete control over your eating habits. That said, starting with these simple steps may teach you how to wean yourself from sugar laden foods.

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