Menopausal Electric Shock Sensations: Home Remedies

During menopause, the hormones in the female body are in a mess. It’s exactly for this reason why there are all sorts of symptoms experienced by a menopausal woman, ranging from hot flashes, night sweat, mood swings to vaginal dryness. Some women also encounter electric shock sensations.

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If it feels like there is a surge of electricity crawling under your skin or going from one muscle group to the other and you are menopausal, then don’t be shocked — there are actually a lot of menopausal women who also report of experiencing such startling sensation. Worry not because it’s harmless, although undeniably unnerving.

You can expect those electric shock sensations to go away or diminish once you undergo hormone replacement therapy or HRT, which is deemed to be the most effective treatment for those pesky symptoms of menopause, including that which leaves you like you’re being tortured with mild electric shocks.

Here are some of the things that you may try at home to manage the problem:

Eat Oily Fish

Mackerel, salmon, herring, trout, sardines, tuna — these are some examples of oily fish that you should include in your diet on a regular basis. That’s because they are all good sources of omega-3 fatty acids that help keep the nerves in excellent shape, allowing you to enjoy relief from those darned menopausal electric shock sensations.

Have Soy, Too

Since fluctuations in the hormones can be blamed for menopausal electric shock sensations, including soy and soy-based products in your diet is a good idea. Soy beans, soy milk, tofu, tempeh and others help in restoring proper levels of hormones in the female body. Avocados, nuts and seeds can lend a hand, too.

Add Fruits and Veggies

It’s also highly recommended for you to throw more fresh fruits and vegetables into your everyday diet to make sure that your body is properly nourished, which is important when battling menopausal symptoms such as those exasperating electric shock sensations. Opt for organic ones to keep the hormones from getting disrupted further.

Remain Cool

A lot of women who experience menopausal electric shock sensations report that those annoying zaps coincide with hot flashes. It’s for this reason why it is a good idea for you to keep your body cool. Such can be done by staying inside air conditioned environments as well as drinking plenty of fluids per day.

Exercise Regularly

The various unfavorable symptoms of menopause, including those electric shock sensations, can be kept to a minimum if you exercise on a regular basis. Some of the best for the job are mild to moderate ones, ranging from taking a walk, riding a bicycle, doing water aerobics to playing badminton with your friends.

Reduce Stress

Finally, experts recommend stress reduction to ward off those electric shock sensations as well as various other menopausal symptoms. Try to avoid as much stressors as you can. Especially at the end of a toxic day, engage in your favorite stress-busting activities — be it having a full-body massage, listening to music or doing yoga.

Just about any other tip to reducing menopausal symptoms can also help in minimizing those electric shock sensations — feel free to share some of them in the comments section below!

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