The Healing Properties of Oregano

Oregano is a staple ingredient in many Spanish, Greek and Italian dishes because of its flavorful properties. Its characteristic taste and aroma go perfectly well with tomatoes, meat and eggs. You may throw some of it in your stews and soups. Salads, pizza and pasta dishes can become more flavorful with the mere addition of oregano.

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Aside from its various culinary uses, oregano is now popularly used as a home remedy for many different health problems. The fact is it’s been used for centuries now for dealing with the likes of fever, cough, sinusitis, indigestion and flatulence. It is given in the form of tea to manage insomnia and anxiety. Topically, it’s good for wound disinfection and dandruff.

If you wish to harness the many therapeutic properties of oregano, you may always obtain it at the local heath food stores. This versatile herb is commonly being sold in the form of essential oil and tincture.

Other than buying it in its various forms, you may also simply grow oregano in your garden. Just like many other herbs on the planet, oregano is fairly easy to cultivate. Even someone without a green thumb may be able to grow it trouble-free!

The most common way of harnessing the amazing healing abilities of the herb is by chopping up some fresh leaves and boiling it in water. Generally speaking, every cup of oregano leaves should be boiled in 4 cups of water. The resulting tea may be consumed by mouth. You may also allow it to cool and have it used topically.

Below are some of the reasons why you should consider having oregano in your garden. Just one word of advice: pregnant women may consume dishes with oregano, but they should refrain from using the herb for medicinal purposes.

Minor Wound Disinfector

Oregano oil may be applied directly on minor cuts and scrapes to kill off bacteria and keep an infection from striking. You may also wash the injured site with oregano tea that’s allowed to cool to room temperature.

Burn Soother

The same tea may also be used for attaining relief from minor burns. Got sunburn that gives you a lot of discomfort? Simply stash some oregano tea in the fridge. Once cool, use this to wash affected areas.

Fever Reducer

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Oregano essential oil has been used for centuries now for treating fever. Simply place a couple of drops of it in a glass of warm water and consume. You may also choose to deal with fever by having a cup of oregano tea.

Indigestion Zapper

A cup of oregano tea is very good at dealing with indigestion. Traditionally, this healing tea is also given to individuals suffering from flatulence (excessive gas) and constipation.

Toothache Eliminator

Got an achy tooth? All you need to do is apply a drop or two of oregano essential oil on it to attain immediate relief. Diluting this essential oil in a cup of water results in an all-natural mouth rinse that helps get rid of bad breath.

Stress Reliever

If you need to relax after a tiring day at work, enjoy a cup of oregano tea. This herb is revered for its superb ability to calm the body and mind. Having the beverages is also a good idea if you’re suffering from anxiety.

Insomnia Buster

Enjoying a cup of oregano tea before bedtime is a great idea if you’re bugged by insomnia. Since the herb can relax you, it will be easier for you to fall sleep — without the need to take a sleeping pill that causes nasty side effects.

Pimple and Acne Remover

Fill a small basin with water. Add a couple of drops of oregano essential oil to it. Use it for rinsing your face if you suffer from pimples or acne. Similarly, you may rinse your face with oregano tea while still lukewarm.

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