Myths About Your Pores

The obsession with pores started in the mid to late 90’s and has stuck in the present. Having tiny micro holes in your face was never that big of an issue in history as it is now. We have to say that the issue or complex against pores is a distribution that our generation has added to the long list of beauty concerns. We’ve been preoccupied with this tiny little part of our anatomy. We want to make our pores smaller, less visible or disappear if it was possible. We get professional treatments to exfoliate them and have the strong urge to pop them. Our pores have also become a huge problem when it comes to applying makeup. There are now primers that can be used to hide your pores to give you that perfect foundation.

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You can spend a lot of money and time to making your skin appear poreless, but your skin knows how pores work. Looking at your favorite models, magazine, commercial and so on has led us to believe that we have to have clear and perfect skin. What people forget to tell you is that people pores, apply to your genes. Some people have massive pores and some have barely visible ones. There are a lot of myth about pores and believing each one of them will affect your skin care regime. Let us dispel these myths and see which ones have a bit of truth in them.

Pores Can Open and Close

A lot of tips tell us that by applying heat our pores will open up and applying low temperature will close them up. In truth the temperature doesn’t quite affect your pores, but your skin. Splashing in some cold water on your pores will not magically seal your pores up, but it can tighten the skin giving the appearance of smaller pores. Though, this is not a permanent solution. Heat doesn’t make the pores appear larger. The heat or stem can help loosen up the clogged sebum or dirt. This then makes it a lot easier to remove. This is why in facials they prefer to steam your face. That’s pretty much the spectrum on how pores work. Applying ice on your face everyday to make it permanently shrink will only be a huge waste of time.

Shrink It Away

Yes, you can shrink away your pores, but not the way we most believe we could. Ice, mud packs, serums and so on cannot shrink your pores away permanently. All of these are a temporary solution that can go away in a matter of a few hours. To really shrink pores, you have to go and get a laser for it. This can be incredibly expensive. Is it really worth it to shell out huge amounts of money for tiny little holes in your face? Though, pores cannot shrink it can get bigger. With excessive picking, sun damage, poor skin care and so on the pores will expand and remain that way. So, remember how important it is for you to take care of them before it gets worse.

Large Pores Equals Bad

Aesthetically having large pores is not considered the best, but in the long run it will all be worth it. Larger pores are great when increasing oil production in the skin. This will prevent your skin from going dry and reduce the chances of premature aging. This will keep you looking younger than most. People that tend to have smaller pores acquire less natural sebum on the skin resulting in dry or flaky skin. This makes them more prone to wrinkles. Look at people with large pores and see how amazing the condition of their skin is.

Everyone Knows You Have Big Pores

Unless the people around you are using magnifying glasses all the time, pores are pretty much invisible to the naked eye. Well, unless people normally talk to you with an inch of personal space and prefers to talk up close and personal. You don’t have to worry about it being visible. Even large pores are invisible to the naked eye. It’s not really a serious problem. It is a part of our anatomy and it was placed there for a reason. That is producing oil to keep our skin looking healthy. Doing our best to remove it or shrink, it will affect our skin and can even lead to worse skin conditions.

There has been a lot of myths when it comes to pores. Where they come from is unknown. However, one thing is for certain. Our pores our here to stay and we should know how to properly take care of them. We hope that by dispelling these myths you’ll be able to learn the right ways to take care of them. Which of these myths did you believe in?

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