Natural Remedies to Rid and Soothe those Unsightly BOILS!

If the word is not used in a sentence meaning “to cook food submerged in water” than it sounds very ghastly.  They are uncomfortably, tight and swollen, red hot feeling at times and very prone further infection.  Boils is a kind of skin abscess are already an infection in themselves as you could see and feel with the pus, the thin skin turning red and the discomfort of pressure from the infected site itself.

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Please do visit your doctor if the boil does not behave like a regular boil meaning it takes a very long time for it to heal or it may be getting worse.  This could be hormonal or from an oncoming illness, this article is more focused on organic methods for common boils.

First off make sure your hygiene methods are proper.  Everyone can always improve and boils are attained a lot of the time from one’s own little irresponsible choices.  These include bad habits like kneeling on dusty or dirty places and not showering or washing as often as you should.  It could also be a reaction of the immune system because you do not eat enough healthy food.  It could be a reaction from heat, sweat and friction and maybe even combined with a lack of showering.  I remember getting more boils as a child because I was less aware or less conscious about my skin quality and health.

Try a warm bath

And throw in a warm compress on the side too, you could even just go on a full on sauna to open up your pores.  Exposing your skin to clean heat is the first proper to step to a deep and complete cleansing because this is the natural, gentle way to get your skin as clean as possible.  If the boils bother you so much you can soak a towel in hot water, wring it a bit and place onto the boil or boils for 10-15 minutes.  This a good method for very sensitive skin which also prepares it for other treatments.  You can put a soothing oil like peppermint or something antibacterial like coconut oil or lemon juice on the warm cloth for swifter relief.

Tea tree oil and coconut oil

Tea tree and coconut oils are antiseptic and sought after for its beautifying effects.  Ideal for stretch marks, uneven skin, blemishes and dry skin problems.  Difference is you cannot consume tea tree oil.  High quality and Vitamin enriched tea tree oil is an ideal non-edible oil that smells good and brings forth amazing healing properties.  Same goes for coconut oil which is a superfood and benefits nearly every aspect of your bodily health.  Place 1-3 drops of tea tree oil on the boil and gently rub, leave for as long as possible.  Same goes for coconut oil.

Guava Leaf or Citrus Peel Bath!

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I was too eager capitalizing the above letters because it just sounds so soothing.  A fun fact is that guavas are the top source of Vitamin C- more than peppers and citrus.  The guava leaf is effective for sore throats too when boiled to a tea, citrus peels are very high in Vitamin C and healing properties.  Citrus also dries out wounds and infections yet it helps your skin retain collagen- giving it a tighter, more youthful glow.  You can even combine the two and just bask in its antibacterial properties, the tea version of this can have some honey added and will make you feel better during a cough, cold, flu or all of the above.

Eucalyptus and Mint Oils

These refreshing smells that we can only describe as minty soothe nausea and headaches so effectively that it is a must for some people to always have mints in their bag or car.  They both help stimulate the immune system to do its job better and also relieves pain, making it a fantastic massage oil.  Their destressing qualities are due to both its scent and actual medical benefits.  Eucalyptus can be a little strong and if it too intense for your skin or wound, diluting it with coconut, olive or grape seed oil is a good idea.


A very cheap and very powerful antiseptic.  It may make your breathe stink but brushing your teeth after a garlicky meal is an easy task because its antibacterial properties rids of its own smell more easily.  This is a very smelly substance that works best raw in its natural spiciness but since this is just for a boil and not the whole skin it will be easy to take out the smell.  The burning sensation also comes from its microbial killer abilities, just rub some raw garlic cloves chopped open onto the boil.

Castor oil

A super nutritious plant substance that encourages cellular growth so well that it is used as an emergency hair grower.  It is an antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal oil that was originally used to treat just constipation, and the world came to know its versatility even more.  Rub a few drops of castor oil on the boils twice a day.

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