Organic Virgin Coconut Oil for Lice Treatment

Get rid of head lice with organic virgin coconut oil

Coconut oil is amazing for getting rid of head lice quickly. Not only will it rid your head of lice, but it also rids your scalp of dandruff and makes your hair soft, smooth and shiny too.

You will need your coconut oil, preferably coconut oil that is not meant to be used for cooking. My favorite being organic virgin coconut oil that is pure white in color and also smells of coconut (actual coconuts, not that coconut FLAVOR smell). You will also need a disposable shower cap, which are easily found at your nearest beauty supply store. They are usually sold for a few bucks, if that, and you get a bunch in the pack. And do not forget a fine tooth comb. You can also purchase a really cheap one at the beauty supply store as well for very cheap. Its good to have a cheap one or two so that you can just toss them in the trash once you’re done using it. If you do not want to spend the extra money, just make sure to thoroughly sanitize the comb that you keep. You don’t want to re-infest your scalp with lice or spread it if you share that comb with another person.

Once you have you coconut oil, disposable cap and comb you want to start sectioning off your hair and start rubbing the coconut oil into your scalp. Be sure to really lay it on there, don’t be stingy with it, and for good measure massage the oil all the way to the tips of your hair as well. Don’t want those little beasties hanging on for life anywhere. Continue doing this this over your entire head.

When that is all done, take you finer tooth come and come through your hair in very, very small sections. This helps distribute the coconut oil throughout your head and hair, and loosens up any eggs that my be hanging around in there. Plus, it just feels really good to give your head a nice little scratch.

After combing, put your hair up. People with long hair can put it in a bun/ponytail and people with short hair can just leave it the way it is. As long as all of your hair is able to fit into the shower cap you are fine. This keeps everything contained and you don’t have to worry about making a mess on your pillow or leaving lice or their eggs on it; because you will need to sleep overnight with the coconut oil on. It is also not a bad idea to lay a towel over your pillow to protect it from any oil that may find its way out of the cap. And trust me, some will.

In the morning just wash your hair with your regular shampoo, no special shampoo is needed. You may have to shampoo twice or maybe even three times because you do have oil in your hair, but the lice should be gone. If any little critters still remain, just repeat everything over again that night or every night until it is gone or your feel confident that it will not come back.


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