Signs You’re Eating Way Too Much Fruits

Fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants — you can get all of these from fruits. But do remember that fruits also contain fructose, or more commonly known as fruit sugar. Although definitely way healthier than refined sugar, fructose in excessive amounts can be bad for you, and this is the reason why it’s a no-no to eat too much fruits.

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How much fruits should you be eating? Well, expert opinions are varied. Some say you should have 2 servings of fruits a day, while others say 3. Moderation is the key, so stop consuming fruits to your heart’s content thinking that they won’t harm you. After all, even a good thing can be bad if taken in excess.

You should also be mindful of your consumption of fruit juices — including those that claim to be 100 percent fruit juices. Basically, they’re just your good old favorite fruits in liquefied form. While it’s true that drinking fruit juices allows your body to assimilate nutrients more easily, the fact that they are packed with fructose remains.

Here are some signs that your consumption of fruits is simply way off the charts:

You’re Moody

What goes up must eventually goes down — this is something that applies to your blood sugar levels. Once the sugar high from the intake of a lot of fruits is through, it’s very much likely for you to end up grumpy. Mood swings may also be exacerbated by fatigue that happens during that sugar crash.

You Feel Sluggish

Sluggishness is another clear sign that your blood sugar levels have already dwindled. Start your day with a lot of fruits and you may feel like going home even if it’s just 10 in the morning. Fruits may give you a quick energy boost, but you can rest assured that the energized feeling won’t last for a long time.

You Have Breakouts

Some people experience hormonal imbalance after eating tons of fruits, especially those who are sensitive to insulin spikes resulting from an increase in blood sugar levels. You could be one of these individuals if you tend to have pimples or acne after consuming lots of fruits.

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You’re Gaining Weight

While fructose in fruits is better than refined sugar, it still packs calories. Naturally, you might end up gaining pounds if you eat fruits like there’s no tomorrow. Since fruits are definitely delish, it’s not unlikely for you munch on fruits non-stop. Certainly, even healthy foods can be bad if consumed excessively.

Your Blood Sugar is High

Eat more fruits than necessary and your pancreas will produce more insulin to facilitate the movement of sugar from the blood to the cells. In time, this can cause the so-called insulin resistance which means your body fails to utilize sugar properly. Also, it can put you at risk of diabetes and obesity.

You Have Bad Teeth

Bacteria loves to feed on sugar, and some of the most sugar-rich foods on the planet are fruits. Especially if you have poor oral hygiene, your pearly whites are at risk of developing cavities. Also, consuming acidic fruits such as citrus ones all the time can leave the enamel, your teeth’s protective outer layer, eroded.

You’re Gassy

Again, bacteria feed on sugar. Pumping lots of fruits down your GI tract will give those microbes a reason to have a feeding frenzy, and this process causes your gut to be packed with a lot of gas. This is why you may feel bloated and even suffer from abdominal cramps after eating way too much fruits.

You Crave Sugar

There are a couple of reasons why eating more fruits than normal can make you crave sugary foods like crazy. First, it will make the sugar tolerance of your taste buds go up, making them want more and more sweet-tasting treats. Second, it’s very much likely for your body to yearn for sweets once your blood sugar levels crash.

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