Tarragon’s Totally Amazing Health and Beauty Benefits

Tarragon is an aromatic herb that is regarded as a staple in traditional French cooking. Closely resembling the flavor and aroma of anise, it is also commonly known as dragon herb and estragon, and it is native to various regions in the northern hemisphere. The cultivation of tarragon, according to written records, dates back to as long ago as 500 BC.

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You may be very familiar with the numerous wonderful culinary uses of tarragon. But did you know that this well-known herb is also something that can provide relief from many health and beauty problems? Read on to come face to face with some of the reasons why tarragon is perhaps one of the most useful and versatile herbs on the planet.

Tarragon Allays an Upset Stomach

Indigestion may strike at anytime you are seated at the dining table. You should not worry about it that much as there are lots of all-natural and effective remedies for indigestion, and one of them is tarragon.

It Helps Solve Many Other Digestive Issues

For many years now, tarragon is known to help the liver produce more bile which aids in the digestive process. Some folk healers also use the herb in eliminating intestinal worms.

This Herb Stimulates the Appetite

Consuming nutritious food is especially important if you have an illness or currently bouncing back from one. The addition of tarragon to dishes can help stimulate the appetite, allowing you to supply your body with much-needed nutrients.

Drinking Tarragon Tea Promotes a Good Night’s Sleep

Having a hard time catching some shut-eye? Popping a sleeping pill in your mouth is fine — if you don’t mind putting off with some nasty side effects the next day. Drinking tarragon tea is said to help promote sleep naturally.

It Also Helps Relieve Stress

Living in a stressful world can take its toll on your mind and body sooner or later. It’s always a great idea to look for ways to combat stress effectively, and a very simple way to do so is by enjoying a cup of tarragon tea.

You Can Ward Off Anxiety with Tarragon Tea

Drinking tarragon tea is also beneficial if you are having a bout of anxiety. It’s the perfect beverage for you if you are prone to anxiety and other unfavorable side effects of caffeine found in coffee, tea and soda.

Adding It to Your Diet Promotes a Healthier Heart

Thanks to the loads of antioxidants in tarragon, the herb can promote the lowering of bad cholesterol levels. Since tarragon is a wonderful stress-buster, drinking it in tea form may help keep at bay high blood pressure and heart disease.

Tarragon Combats Toothache

Did you know that chewing on some tarragon leaves can help put an end to a toothache in a snap? That’s because they contain a compound known as eugenol, something which can numb the nerves.

It’s Something Superb for Swollen Gums Too

You may also munch on some fresh tarragon leaves if you are suffering from swollen gums that cause mouth discomfort. Thanks to the antibacterial properties of the herb, microbes that contribute to the gum problem may be killed off.

A Decoction of Tarragon Leaves is Good for the Scalp

Boil some tarragon leaves in water and allow the decoction to cool to room temperature. Pour it on your scalp after shampooing to eliminate stubborn dirt and grime. This is also something that helps promote healthy scalp.

It is Also Great for Your Mane

The same decoction may be used for rinsing the hair. This results in shinier and voluminous mane. Antioxidants in tarragon also help ward off various hair issues such as dryness, breakage and split ends.

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