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Tips to Have Beautiful Eyelashes

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1. Wiggle, Wiggle

Mascara belongs on your lashes, not the brush. When applying, gently wiggle the brush from side to side (instead of up and down) as you work your way from root to tip. The extra movement provides a thicker coat.

2. Aim High

For a larger-than-life, wide-eyed look, apply mascara to the top lashes only.

3. Natural Curl

For a natural looking curl with an eyelash curler, give a couple good squeezes, once close to the eyelid, and then a second squeeze closer toward the tip.

4. Thick and Luxurious

For thick, luxurious lashes, apply two coats of MAC Prep + Prime Lash. For best results, allow it to dry between each coat.

5. Great Separation

For great separation with a light touch, try applying mascara with a MAC 204 Lash Brush. It’s a great tool for the job.

6. Anime Eyes

To give your eyes a rounder appearance, concentrate mascara in the center of both the top and bottom lashes.

7. Wide, Wide World

And to widen the eyes, use more mascara at the outside corners of each lash (the ends closer to your ears, not your nose).

8. Light as a Feather

For a soft, feathered look with great separation, use two brushes. After applying mascara with a regular mascara brush, run through your lashes again with a MAC 206 while your mascara is still wet.

9. Back it Up

For really thick, rich lashes, try “backing the lashes,” a technique whereby you line each eye from under the top lash using a brush like the MAC 259 square shader brush or a 266 brush dipped in MAC Fluidline.

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10. Layer It

Experiment with layering formulas until you get the look you’re shooting for. Try Fibre Rich Lash Mascara over Zoom Lash for thick, rich lashes without the “Spider” effect.

11. In the Navy

Experiment with color on your lashes. Brighten your eyes with some navy blue mascara, or if you have green eyes, give violet mascara a try.

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