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Top 10 Blush On Tips to Get You Glowing

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1. Glow Tones

For a natural look, choose a blush that matches your skin’s undertones. If you’re warm, pick a warm-toned blush. Cool? Stay with cool.

2. Palms Read

Here’s a way to find your blush shade: Squeeze your hand into a tight fist. Release and compare color in palm and fingertips with color in blush swatches (or testers in-store). Choose the ones closest to palm color.

3. Circle Break

Doll-like circles are never the way to glow. Blush, starting in front of ear, diagonally towards nose.

4. Square Off

Soften a square face: Apply a neutral blush/bronzer shade along outer jaw below earlobes and along outer edges of forehead.

5. Short Cut

Shorten an elongated/rectangular face: apply a neutral blush/bronzer along upper forehead/hairline and jawline.

6. Blush Angles

Instant cheekbones for round faces: Angle blush/bronzer in, starting in front of middle of ear, blending toward nose.

7. Blush Hour

To glow on and on: apply creme blush, while foundation’s still damp. Blend with Foundation Brush. Dust lightly with loose powder. Overlay a little powder blush.

8. Eye Brightener

After your mid-day blusher touch-up, sweep blush brush lightly over eyelids for an instant pick-me-up.

9. Cheek Out

To bring out cheekbones: blend liquid bronzer just under cheekbones. Use blush on apples of cheeks.

10. Firm Up

For a sleek, defined jaw line, apply bronzer or a deep-toned powder just below jaw from earlobe to earlobe. Blend under chin.

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