Unbelievable Benefits of Citronella Essential Oil

When shopping for some all-natural insect repellants, it’s not unlikely for you to come across so many products stating proudly on their labels that they contain citronella. Well, they can’t help it because it is something that is really very good at driving away mosquitoes, flies and other insects.

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This article will get you introduced to citronella essential oil — where it comes from and what are its types, as well as the many other benefits it’s known to offer other that just being a superb insect repellant.

Citronella essential oil is obtained via steam distillation from the leaves of a grass having the same name. Citronella is the name that it is given with because of the fact that it smells citrusy. The said grass is native to various Asian countries as well as some African and South American ones.

Actually, there are two types of citronella essential oil available in the market — one is the Ceylon variety and the other is the Java variety. The latter is said to boast of a better quality than the former. Needless to say, it’s also more expensive. This doesn’t mean, however, that the Ceylon variety of citronella essential oil is quite useless — it is still very powerful and highly capable of impressing with the many health benefits that it offers!

So whether the bottle of citronella essential oil that you have is the Ceylon or Java variety, be proud because you have one of the most well-admired essential oils on the planet. Here are some of the perks that it can provide:

It Lowers Fever

One of the most common traditional uses of citronella essential oil is for reducing fever. It works effectively in making the body temperature drop because it has diaphoretic properties — it is capable of increasing sweat production. The more sweat is produced, the further the body temperature drops.

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It Also Increases Urination

Citronella essential oil also boasts of diuretic properties, which means it is able to encourage the kidneys to produce more urine. This ability of citronella oil can be effective for lowering the blood pressure as well as ridding the blood of toxins and waste products. It is also very good at naturally dealing with a urinary tract infection or UTI.

It Eases Joint Pain

Diluting citronella essential oil with any carrier oil makes for an excellent solution for joints that are painful and swollen. That’s because this oil with a citrusy fragrance has the ability to reduce pain as well as inflammation. Using it can help prevent unnecessary intake of pain-killing and anti-inflammatory drugs that can cause side effects.

It Relieves Anxiety and Depression

Those who suffer from mild depression and anxiety may also count on citronella essential oil for relieving the various symptoms experienced. Taking a whiff of it is usually enough to have the mood lifted and also the mind calmed. Citronella essential oil is also beneficial for individuals who are battling insomnia.

It Kills Off Microbes

Last but not least, diluted citronella essential oil may also be used for disinfecting minor cuts and burns, keeping them from becoming infected. Thanks to the very pleasing fragrance and antimicrobial properties of citronella essential oil, it may also be used as a deodorant — it can help anyone smell fresh and clean for a long time!

CAUTION: It’s a good idea to refrain from using citronella essential oil for any therapeutic purpose if you are pregnant to be on the safe side. And just like when attempting on using any other essential oil out there, inform your doctor about your plan most especially if you have a known medical condition. Citronella essential oil may cause skin irritation, so have it diluted with the carrier oil of your preference before employing it topically.

If you have family members and friends who are into essential oils, repost this article on your various social media sites to get them introduced to the many impressive health benefits offered by citronella essential oil!

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