Top Foods to Help You Stay Fit

We are what we eat. The body responds and reacts to what we feed it. Food is therefore a great factor to consider when coming up with a fitness plan.

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Dark chocolate to curb exercise-induced stress

Dark chocolates have proven their health assets through various research and studies. One among its many recently discovered benefits is its capacity to protect consumers from stress caused by exercise.

Watercress to reduce DNA damage

A member of the mustard family, watercress has proven its might to fight against the effects of exercising. Those who did not include watercress in their diet are more prone to suffer from exercise damage. The benefits were observed in those who consumed it for the first time.

Coffee for next-day energy

The Journal of Applied Psychology published a study that has observed the effects of coffee on the speed of the replenishment of this carbohydrate. After four hours of intensive exercise, the glycogen in the muscles increased by 66 percent. The capability to exercise longer and harder is dependent on the fuel supplied in the muscles.

Pomegranate for muscle strength recovery

With benefits linked to the enhancement of the memory and other brain activities, another benefit of pomegranate is the improvement of muscle recovery. It reduces the soreness of the muscles. Despite its being a winter fruit, it is available in some cases, frozen, all year around.

Watermelon to reduce muscle soreness

Drink water melon juice to relieve muscle soreness an hour before the exercise. Citrulline, that has been proven and tested to reduce the soreness of the muscles. Citrulline is connected to the improvement of the arteries and controlled the monitor spasm.

Tart cherries to fight pain and regain strength

A study proves that tart cherry juice has a great effect on reducing pain from a strenuous activity. Tart cherries are in season in summer. It is available as dried and frozen. Tart cherry juice can also be found in most shelves in grocery stores.

Blueberries to reduce inflammation

Blueberry, when tested among well trained athletes, has shown great results. Besides the fact that it reduced inflammation, it also boosted the protection against infections and viruses. Blueberries help the natural cells designed to boost immunity to develop well.

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