10 Fabulous Ways to Wear Make Up with Glasses

Hiding your face under a thick pair of lenses? Not anymore! Let your face shine through and use the glasses to your advantage. Here are some amazing and easy ways to wear makeup with your glasses.

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Rock the Thick Lashes
Use dry and waterproof mascara to avoid getting mascara smudges on your lenses. Add a thick layer of mascara to your lashes to make your eyes look brighter and bigger.

Use bold and beautiful colors for your lips when using dark and thick lashes. If you are sporting colorful and thin frames opt for a more pinkish and a coral shade of lipstick.

Eye shadow
Balance out your look by using neutral eye shadow with your thick and dark frames. Use dark neutral eye shadow with thin frames.

Curl the Lashes
Prevent your eyelashes from hitting your frames by curling them. Curling the lashes will make the eyes appear larger and more awake.

Apply concealer on dark circle or redness underneath the eyes. Eyeglasses accentuate colors under the eyes and applying on concealer will solve that problem. Find concealers that aren’t too heavy on the eyes and apply primer on the skin before application. Lessen dark circles by applying sunscreen on the face every day.

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Shape Your Eyebrows
Finely groomed and shaped eyebrows can help frame the face and give emphasis to the frame’s dimension. Look polished and well groomed with perfectly defined eyebrows. A simple way to keep brows shape is to apply a thin layer of clear mascara on the eyebrow hair.

Color in The frame:
Avoid putting eye shadow beyond the frame of your glasses. This will make you look messy and sleepy.

Avoid foundation from blotting in your lenses by using translucent powder on your face every few hours. This will prevent the foundation from fading and blotting.

Pick an eyeliner color that will complement the color of your eyeglasses.

Winged Eyeliner
The winged eyeliner look is great for people who wear glasses. It gives the eye more definition and makes it look more intense. The lenses will also make the eyeliner more visible; mistakes will be easily spotted through the frames. So be careful with applying.

Eyeglasses shouldn’t stop you from wearing makeup. Follow these tips and tricks to show off that beautiful face!

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