10 Fruits That Help Improve Your Smile

Regular brushing, flossing, trips to the dentist — all of these things help keep your beautiful smile intact. Did you know that there are certain fruits that you may consume on a regular basis to ensure that your pearly whites stay traffic-stopping? Some of these fruits provide nourishment while others promote cleaner and whiter teeth.

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Without any ado, let’s take a look at some nutritious and delectable fruits that are well-known smile-boosters:


There are a couple of reasons why apples are superb teeth beautifiers. First, they are rich in fiber. As you munch on apples, their fibrous flesh gently scrubs the surface of your teeth, thus removing superficial stains. Second, there’s a lot of water in apples, and this helps cleanse your teeth as well your entire mouth.


Just like apples, pears are excellent stain- and debris-removers. Each time you chew on some pears, you are actually polishing your teeth and washing away food particles and bacteria. So if you don’t have access to a toothbrush, reach for a piece of the crunchiest pear that you can spot on the fruit basket.


Technically speaking, cucumbers are fruits and so they can be included on this list. Snacking on slices of cucumbers helps keep the surface of your teeth shiny, as well as dislodges tiny food particles stuck between your choppers. There’s also vitamin C in cucumbers, a nutrient that helps keep your gums strong and in a healthy condition.


Nutrition experts say that kiwis are some of the fruits on the planet that pack lots of vitamin C. As mentioned earlier, the said nutrient is crucial for keeping the gums in a stellar condition. Having superb gums is important for your teeth because, after all, they are the ones that support and nourish them.


Other phenomenal sources of gum-strengthening vitamin C are guavas. These tropical fruits also help in massaging your gums as they are crunchy and thus require some extra chewing action. Guavas also help scrub the surface of your pearly whites, keeping at bay stains that can rob you of a perfect smile worthy of flashing.


Aside from the fact that strawberries are loaded with vitamin C, they are also acidic in nature. This is why snacking on them can help white your teeth as their acidity can remove stubborn superficial stains. However, refrain from brushing within 30 minutes after eating strawberries as it can only erode the enamel of your teeth!


Everyone knows that oranges are rich in vitamin C, and that’s why they are great for keeping your smile eye-catching. Just like strawberries, the acidity of oranges helps make your teeth white and gleaming. Again, refrain from brushing your teeth right after consuming oranges to save your enamel from getting worn down.


There are loads of antioxidants called anthocyanins present in cherries. According to experts, these anthocyanins help keep plaque from sticking onto your choppers. Also, they are wonderful preventers of oral cancer. So in order to be oral cancer-free which is a reason for you to smile even more, regularly snack on a handful of cherries.


Aside from cherries, you can also obtain plenty of anthocyanins from grapes. But other than those antioxidants that help fight off oral cancer, there’s also lots of water in each and every piece of grape. It’s for this reason why consuming grapes helps cleanse your pearly whites as well as repel a reeking breath.


Last but not least, you can have cranberries on a regular basis. Experts say that cranberries prevent bacteria and plaque from sticking on the surface of your teeth. It’s for the same reason why cranberries are also superb against UTIs — they help prevent bacteria from adhering to the walls of the various parts of the urinary system.

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