3 Exercises for Wider Lats

Latissimus dorsi, also known as lats, are part of the back muslces. In anatomy and physiology, it is responsible for various movements, such as adduction, extension, flexion from an extended position, internal or medial rotation of the shoulder join, and transverse extension or horizontal abduction. As a back muscle, it helps support the body’s posture and protect the vertebrae, which houses the spinal cord. Aesthetically, the lats also contribute to a person’s overall physique and in line with this, the following are the exercises a person can do for wider lats.

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Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown

One of the exercises that make the lats wider is the wide-grip lat pulldown. As per Body Building, it is a compound exercises that mainly works the lats; however, it also engages the middle back, biceps, and shoulders.

To perform the exercise, the person sits down on a pull-down machine with a wide bat connected to the pulley. Next, he adjusts the knee pad of the machine to fit his height. Also, the pads prevents the body from being pulled up by the weight connected to the bar.

After that, the person grabs the bar with his palms facing forward. In case of a wide grip, the person’s hands are placed wider than shoulder width. Then, he brings his torso back around 30 degrees while creating a curvature on his lower back and sticking his chest out. The person exhales while bringing the bar down until it touches his upper chest by drawimg the shoulders and the upper back back and down. A good practice is to squeeze the back muscles at the top of the contracted position. Also, the upper torso should be unmoved and only the arms dhould move, with the forearms not doing functions other  than holding the bar. Following the pause, the person slowly raises the bar back to the starting position so that the arms are totally extended and the lats are completely stretched.


Seated Cable Row

The seated cable row is another exercise that widens the latissimus dorsi. Acccording to Muscle and Fitness, it engages the back, shoulders, and biceps, and it makes of equipment like the V-handle attachment and the adjustable cable machine.

To perform the exercise, the person sits at a low-pullet cable station connected to a V-handle. Then, he places his feet securely on the platform and grabs the hand with his both hands using an overhand grip. Next, the person does the starting position by sitting back with his arms fully extended, supporting the weight. Once ready, he drives his elbows to his sides and pulls the cable attachment towards his wait, with his torso kept stationary. Then, he pauses and squeezes his shoulder blades together at the peak of the row, prior to going back to the initial position.


Reverse Grip Bent Over Row

Aside from the cable row, one can also do a bent over row with a reverse grip and using a barbell. The exercise is also a compound pulling exercise, which targets the lats, shoulders, and biceps.

As per Muscle and Strength, the person grabs a barbell and loads weight on it. Then, he stands in front of the barbell, with his feet at shoulder width. He bends at his knees and squats down to grip the bar with a reverse grip, with his hands wider than shoulder width apart. Next, the person stands straight up, while keeping his back straight, so he is holding the bar in front of him against his waist. He does the initial position by bending his knees slightly while keeping his back straight. Then, he lets the barbell slide down his thighs until it goes below knee level. After that, he pulls the bar up to below his chest and then squeezes his shoulder blades together at the top of the movement. Finally, the person gradually lowers the bar back to the initial position.

Overall, the lats provide figure to the body and it helps support the back. In terms of total lats development, it is achieved through consistent training, proper nutrition, and adequate rest.

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