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5 Habits of Healthy And Fit People

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It will take a lot of patience and self-discipline to follow a certain diet and lifestyle and to exercise regularly and not everybody can do it.  All this contribute to being fit and healthy and it don’t happen overnight. However, everybody can achieve their goal with realistic steps and actually accomplish it if they replace their bad habits and sedentary lifestyle with new, helpful habits by incorporating small changes into their everyday routine and by learning from the habits of highly fit people.


Let me share with you these 5 effective habits:

Habit #1 Consistency

Highly fit people don’t ever give up, as in ever. They know exactly what they want- healthy lifestyle and a fit body.  This does not only involves diet and exercise but they are geared towards the goal with everything they can. They have regular sleep, physical activity, healthy eating, no bad habits, reduction of stress, decisions about their lifestyle, and may more.

Habit #2: Regular eating

They eat 3-5 times per day, every day, at the same time. All it takes are self-discipline and thorough planning in order to perform this. The reason why they do this is eating every day at the same time sends the body a signal that it’s time to eat now, not later. This way, you don’t get to have late-night snacks and unnecessary calories and your body has enough time to process the food without creating cravings for more later.

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Habit #3: Having a plan

They really plan ahead. Pre-planning meals and snacks as well as planning the entire day is efficient and good for you in the long run. For instance, preparing your cut fruits and packing them into containers so that you can take your snack to work; planning the time in the gym or outdoors; planning a meal for each day in the week; planning some relaxation time and so on.  This comes naturally to these people.

Habit #4 Regular exercise

This cliché might be overrated, but it’s important nevertheless. You don’t need to go to the gym if you don’t prefer to – you can always stick to what you want like Yoga, jogging, zumba– there are many ways to stay fit and there’s nothing to stop you unless you allow it.

Habit #5 Choosing the right nutrients

Choosing wisely, that is.  Choosing complex carbs instead of simple, refined sugars is one way to put it. Choosing lean protein and properly cooked meals instead of fast food. Choosing a piece of fruit over a candy bar is yet another. It’s all about perspective and choosing the healthy perspective is one step closer to a fit lifestyle.

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In summary, if you want to be fit, you should get rid of your unfit habits and lifestyle. It takes 21 days,  for replacing one habit to another. So, for starters, make a plan for 21 days and stick to it. Try to follow the habits of highly fit people and you can become one of them pretty soon!

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